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Network Security Service

        When users build leased lines and Internet access overseas, at the same time, in order to guarantee and give full play to the application efficiency of these services, LANs are often required to make adaptive changes. Meanwhile, when overseas customers need to build or optimize local limited and wireless local area networks, it is relatively difficult to obtain IT service resources overseas and it is difficult to control costs and increase efficiency. With its own technical service advantages, LiveCom also provides customers with LAN construction & optimization services and network security construction & optimization services while providing dedicated line, Internet access and security services to customers as a supplementary service , A comprehensive solution to customer's worries.

    1. LAN construction & optimization solution
        a) Provide a complete LAN planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance service for overseas customers according to the standard structure of LAN;
        b) According to the special line, the application of business requirements, the original LAN to achieve customization and optimization of transformation;
        c) Wireless coverage of the project department and the camp area can be achieved WLAN WIFI coverage, 4G / LTE coverage, microwave transmission and other programs.


    2. Network Security Services Solutions, provided
         a) Internet optimization control
         b) Dedicated tunnel encryption
         c) terminal access control
         d) Document Security Management
         e) Firewall, anti-attack, virus protection and other network security services