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  • The Infrastructure Construction industry of China have been pursuing the strategy of breaking into international markets. The project scale and construction technology complexity in foreign countries keep increasing. Many Infrastructure Construction projects are implemented in African countries and remote areas (such as hard-to-reach hydroelectric power stations) with backward communications and transport facilities, affecting the work and life of overseas employees.
  • With the globalization of the energy and mining industries, many energy and mining companies start investment and exploitation abroad. Energy resources and mines are usually distributed in remote places, or even at sea or in deserts. It is imperative for energy and mining companies to build a stable and efficient communications network.
  • With a high-quality communication platform, communication nodes and communication resources, LiveCom can help the media industry deliver signals to all business areas in the world through international communication satellites, optical fiber and other transmission channels and provide high quality overseas Chinese and local mainstream communities Media service.
  • With experience in multi-industry IT management projects, LiveCom IT Services Consulting Team has set up a tailor-made IT management system based on its own enterprise management structure and production process attributes, which can greatly improve enterprise management efficiency and reduce production and operation costs.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises often have no requirements for internal communication and collaboration platforms that are incompatible with communication and communication platforms, geographically dispersed branches, offices and departments. Different public chat QQ, MSN and other tools to reduce business employees
  • LiveCom also provide service include communication and entertainment for other industries.
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