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Small &medium Enterprises

Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

Difficulties of UC faced by small- and medium-sized enterprises:
Many small- and medium-sized enterprises do not have a UC platform. The branches, representative offices, and departments of an enterprise in different geographical locations have requirements for internal communication and collaboration. The use of different chat tools such as QQ and MSN reduces the working efficiency of enterprise employees and poses security threats. To solve communication problems, enterprises need a unified platform to implement instant messaging, secure and low-tariff voice call, convenient conference call, online video conference, and enterprise SMS group notification.

Introduction to LiveCom Lwork UC solution:
Lwork consists of five function modules (instant messaging, conference call, voice call, video conference, and mobile phone SMS) and is capable of customized development based on enterprise requirements.
Advantages of LiveCom Lwork solution:
  • More cost-effective and convenient: The system only needs a server to enable terminals to log in from a PC webpage or from a mobile phone. Customization is not required.
  • More secure: The server is installed inside the enterprise to ensure data security.
  • Highly stable: The Lwork server supports the stable operation of many users.
  • Manageable: Administrators of multiple levels can be configured to enable the system to meet the different needs of the enterprise.

Case Study:

A high-tech growing company involves collaborative research and development by employees at offices in different geographical locations, which raises massive requirements for online communication and video conference. LiveCom Lwork can meet the secure communication requirements of the enterprise as well as the mobile office requirements of specified users. Only one server is deployed at the R&D headquarters to implement UC within the enterprise, achieving cost-effective communication, convenient deployment, and easy maintenance.