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International VPN Service

        Traditional satellite lanes and cross-border submarine cables (such as MPLS VPN, IPLC) have the problems of high construction cost, long opening period, and difficulties of moving the line. The launch of LiveCom's international VPN leased line solution enables overseas branch offices in the country to access Internet services from local Internet service providers (ISPs) and access via LiveCom's global VPN aggregation node VPN with domestic headquarters interoperability between the VPN.

  • Program Description:
  1. Based on the LiveCom Axiad Global Backbone Network Node, the overseas branch accesses and uses the VPN tunnel nearby, the cross-border submarine green line is used between the international backbone nodes, and the domestic enterprise headquarters uses the private line to directly access the POP in Hong Kong. (It is recommended that Africa and Europe access Paris POP nodes, Asia-Pacific access Hong Kong, Australia POP node, the Americas access to Los Angeles or New York node)
  2. Overseas offices and headquarters of domestic enterprises can achieve a unified address, two-way safe exchange of visits;
  3. Multi-branch can access the same backbone line at the same time;


  • Program features

 Feature 1: Extensive coverage, focusing on Africa and the Belt and Road countries
         LiveCom has completed the establishment of the global green network and overseas data centers. The green VPN business is built on the basis of the entire basic network. The backbone private line is a full protection green line with an available rate of over 99.9%. The massive bandwidth can flexibly meet the various needs of customers. Dedicated VPN network focus on Africa and the Belt and Road countries, but also take into account other countries and regions around the world.

Feature two: VPN terminal plug and play, client-side deployment is simple
VPN terminal: 
No need to change the original network structure:VPN terminal equipment installation does not need to change the original branch network structure, just the VPN terminal in accordance with the figure on the left, directly in series between the export router and the switch can be.
Plug and play:Terminal equipment for the first time on the line, the customer configuration only 3 simple steps, plug and play: connected to the uplink network port, connected to the downlink network port, the device is powered on. Other work is handled by the backstage;
Easy to move:Terminal equipment, lightweight and portable, such as customer address changes, just repeat the first online operation, does not affect the business to continue to use;

Three characteristics: business opened construction is simple and quick
         Opening cycle is short, the remote site that is ready to use, the headquarters opened only 3 weeks time. With the opening and opening of the traditional green save a lot of construction time.
Feature 4: Site easy to move
Terminal Features:

No geographical restrictions:Livecom private line VPN business itself does not have site location restrictions, as long as the local Internet access to meet, customers can flexibly adjust the geographical location of their business needs;
?Easy to carry, can be migrated:After the initial opening of the business, such as customer office address changes, without any changes on the system side, simply take the VPN terminal to the new office, according to the first power-up 3 steps, you can plug and play, to provide green line for the new site Business; no new open, no new orders, no fees;
Livecom VPN solutions are the best choice for overseas units that need to develop greenfield business in the short to medium term and customers who frequently change their business addresses.


Five features: can carry various types of business
         Overseas branches visit various types of applications at headquarters is very inefficient, greatly affecting the efficiency of the office.
International VPN leased line program has a unified address, transmission stability, security and reliability, can carry a variety of business services, including: 
? - Video conferencing system, multi-party call system;
? - OA, ERP, HR, CRM, finance and other internal systems.

Six features: low cost
         To from Luanda, Angola to Beijing, for example, the annual fee for point-to-point leased line is about 1 million yuan / year, LiveCom leased line VPN program annual fee can be controlled within the original green fee less than 1/5, the specific price, The adjustments will be made based on factors such as area, site, bandwidth, type of business, and rental period
Livecom green VPN program has a high price / performance ratio:
1, overseas access side: the use of internet as a carrier, significantly reduce the access section construction costs;
2, the international backbone section: The use of Livecom's own global private network, the use of MPLS VPN technology to reduce the backbone section of the input;
Seven characteristics: good network scalability

A business one:To business as a unit to open an account, an account, more sharing;
High bandwidth utilization:Multi-site dynamic reuse backbone line bandwidth, make full use of backbone bandwidth;
Easy to expand:After opening, according to the actual business needs, flexible adjustment of the number of sites and geographic location, flexible adjustment of the backbone bandwidth;

Eight features: VPN line business reliable quality, high availability, high security
         International VPN leased line services with natural high security:

  •  Overseas access side:IPSec VPN security for all IP packets, support for advanced channel protocols, data encryption, security policies and a variety of authentication methods. For user identification, data integrity and privacy protection, anti-replay and other security measures.
  • International backbone transmission:MPLS VPN leverages label switching, Qos, traffic engineering and other services to achieve traffic isolation among different users. It provides flexible policy control and congestion avoidance mechanism to maximize network resource allocation, quickly and automatically repairing network faults, providing high reliability and high security.