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DTH satellite TV access service applications
China's foreign government agencies satellite TV solutions

  There are 30 rooms in the dormitory area of a foreign government agency in a country of Africa, and each room needs satellite TV programs. Live TV TV services provided by LoveCom, to provide customers with 10 Set of Chinese television programs, including sports, film, politics and variety channels. By deploying the CATV cable network, the television signals received from the satellites will be distributed to each room so that every room can enjoy the programs that Avision TV provides.

Dish TV solution for Embassies  and foreign Institution of Chinese Government in Africa 

There are over 50 Chinese embassies and foreign institution located in Africa and middle east area, in order to all Chinese staff are able to watch Chinese TV program, LiveCom provides DISH TV service which includes 10 Chinese TV programs to them. Due to most of embassies and institutions have living building for all Chinese Staff, for each room could watch TV program, LiveCom provides cable TV system (CATV) solution to all.