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African Chinese TV

        Love TV is LiveCom to create a focus on the Chinese market, satellite TV platform, has been with China International TV Corporation, Five Star Sports Media, the Great Wall platform and other major media partners to provide coverage in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South America 100 In many countries, the DTH service covers a population of more than a billion people. The program includes films, TV shows, current affairs, economy, culture, travel and entertainment information.

  • Content formally authorized advantages
             China International Television Corporation is a CCTV program copyright global marketing agency, has the most complete source. Its Great Wall platform is an overseas broadcast platform integrating CCTV and local TV channels and has been widely spread around the world. Five Star Sports is China's most dynamic top sports media group. Relying on Shanghai Media's media resources and influence in the country, Shanghai Media Group effectively integrated sports media resources. Aike cloud pass access to the Great Wall platform and the "best sports" in Africa, the official authorization.


 Rich satellite resources
China Satcom Group and European Satellite Company have the most abundant satellite resources and are responsible for more than 200 satellite TV broadcasts both at home and abroad. They work closely with China International TV Corporation, Xinhua News Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, major Chinese-funded enterprises, overseas major satellite companies and telecommunications Business partners have long-term relationships and shoulder the mission of spreading Chinese-language television overseas. The first service covers Africa and the Middle East.


LiveCom satellite TV service solution
        The LiveCom satellite TV service can provide individual users, corporate users and group users with access solutions such as stand-alone access, multi-machine access and satellite TV access to CATV / IPTV networks.
Single access
        Users only need a 1.2m satellite antenna plus a satellite TV receiver (set-top box) to access the TV to watch satellite television programs

 Figure 1 Single satellite TV access

Multi-machine access
       Users need to receive satellite signals through a 1.8m-2.4m satellite antenna, distribute the signals to multiple satellite TV receivers (set-top boxes) via 1: 4 or 1: 6 splitters, and then connect to the TV for multiple dians Watch satellite TV programs

Figure 2 Multi-machine satellite TV access

Corporate campsite CATV access
      LiveCom provides cable television solutions for watching satellite TV programs based on the needs of the field at the corporate or government overseas site. Through this program, each room in the camp can be accessed by watching the live satellite television programs provided by the campsite cable television network.

 Figure 3 Enterprise campsite CATV satellite television access

Overseas expansion of the market and after-sales support advantages
         With worldwide sales resources, LiveCom has offices in 119 countries, local sales channels and long-term relationships with various local network operators. ZTE's after-sales service system has covered 140 countries. The number of service personnel has reached more than 30,000. Can provide 365 * 24 timely response and service.

        Love TV as will further expand the cultural transmission channels, enhance the capacity of international communication, making the mainstream media images, sounds, texts, information spread more widely in overseas. Avision TV is committed to developing itself into an internationally influential cultural communication platform and expanding the international market share of China's cultural products and services so as to promote the mutual recognition of outstanding Chinese and foreign cultures and promote the Chinese culture to the world.