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Infrastructure Construction Industry

The Infrastructure Construction industry of China have been pursuing the strategy of breaking into international markets. The project scale and construction technology complexity in foreign countries keep increasing. Many Infrastructure Construction projects are implemented in African countries and remote areas (such as hard-to-reach hydroelectric power stations) with backward communications and transport facilities, affecting the work and life of overseas employees.

To meet the requirements of scattered and short-cycle (three to five years) overseas projects of Infrastructure Construction companies, LiveCom offers a package of IT information-based service solutions.
  • Internet access via very small aperture terminals (VSATs) and submarine cables
  • High-quality and low-tariff international voice services
  • Wireless network coverage for office areas and camps
  • Wireless bridge access for project implementation segments
  • Remote monitoring

Case 1:

A construction company is located inside a remote hydroelectric power station in Africa, having no broadband access and faced with the difficulty of communication with the headquarters. There are no recreational facilities nearby. LiveCom provides a package of comprehensive solutions to improve the work and life of the employees.

  • Internet access via satellites
  • Low-tariff international call
  • Wireless network coverage in the camp
  • Chinese satellite television service in the camp

Case 2:

An engineering company is located at a representative office in Angola, Africa, with bad Internet access conditions. The company cannot access the EPR system located at the headquarters in Beijing and has to pay for expensive calls dialed to China. LiveCom provides an MPLS VPN via submarine cables to connect the representative office in Angola to the headquarters in Beijing and offers a communications service package.

  • Video conference via private line
  • Low-tariff international call
  • Access to the ERP system