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Media Industry


As the Chinese culture is introduced to different countries, many media requirements emerge between China and other countries. The varying quality levels of international public networks fail to meet the service quality requirements of the media industry, especially the live TV media industry. With high-quality broadcasting platforms, nodes, and resources, LiveCom leverages transmission channels such as international communications satellites and optical cables to help the media industry stably transmit signals to service areas in the world, thus delivering high-quality media services to overseas Chinese and local mainstream societies.

By leveraging the service resources of ZTE's 100-plus overseas representative offices, LiveCom provides media enterprises with managed construction and maintenance of overseas media broadcasting platforms. LiveCom, via its 8×5 or 24×7 onsite and remote support, offers high-quality services to customers in the world, whether they are in Africa or South America.

Case 1:

LiveCom has established a Hong Kong-based content delivery center for a national media company. The signals of 25 live TV broadcasts are screened and multiplexed at the content delivery center and then transmitted to a cooperating TV station in France through a 150 Mbps IPLC international private line with double circuit protection to broadcast programs in Europe and Africa. LiveCom provides end-to-end project planning and design, engineering implementation, and 24×7 maintenance services to ensure stable output of live broadcast signals.

Case 2:

LiveCom has constructed level-three CDNs covering 15 African countries for a national media company and provides services such as engineering implementation, troubleshooting, customer reporting, fault analysis, problem update, device inspection, network inspection, network optimization, and 24×7 maintenance.