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Global Private Line Service
With the progress of globalization, more and more Chinese and overseas enterprises, governments, and organizations operate businesses across national boundaries. The highly efficient operation of enterprises, governments, and organizations is inseparable from stable, efficient, and rapid communication capabilities; therefore, it is imperative for them to establish communications links across different countries. 
As a global communication service provider, LiveCom provides, based on customer requirements and access conditions, customized and end-to-end turnkey private line access solutions to enterprises, governments, and organizations with the intension of overseas business operation. Those solutions include MPLS VPN/IPLC, VSAT access, and Internet-based VPN private line access, thus enabling communication among customers in different countries. 


International MPLS VPN/IPLC  Private Line access

By leveraging international submarine cables and local networks' physical channels as well as its existing POP resources, LiveCom uses MPLS VPN, SDH, and other transfer technologies to configure a private line to provide enterprises, governments, and organizations with secure and efficient bearer services featuring bandwidth and quality assurance.
  1. Construction of enterprise internal networks
    The private line services of LiveCom enable the construction of an internal information network platform for the branches of a multinational company located in different countries. Devices of the branches can access LiveCom's backbone network directly or in other modes to use high-quality network services carried by a private line for data transmission.
  2. Hierarchical service quality
    Different from traditional Internet services, the private line services meet the network quality requirements of different users and applications and deliver controllable service quality assurance. Users or applications are assigned different service classes, with each service class having corresponding service indicators, thus delivering services with best price/performance ratios to users.
  3. Backup access
    To improve the availability and reliability of private lines for users, LiveCom offers different backup solutions targeting user access segments based on the requirements of user network bearer application systems and users' access conditions. Those backup solutions include private line backup, IPsec backup, and double-POP backup to realize full backup of private lines and user devices.

Satellite-based private line access

In countries where submarine cables and local transmission lines cannot reach, regional satellite communications will be the optimal means of communication. LiveCom provides enterprises, governments, and organizations with a complete suite of satellite-based solutions and customizes communications solutions based on customers' application requirements.

Advantages of the VSAT solution:
  • Easy system deployment and fast project implementation
  • Stable and reliable satellite-based private lines
  • Flexible solution design hardly affected by geographical factors and natural disasters

IPsec VPN Private Line Access

When Internet access conditions are met, an IPsec VPN channel can be set up via the Internet to transmit data securely. Based on customer requirements and existing conditions, LiveCom provides the IPsec VPN solution, such as construction of an end-to-end IPsec VPN link or access to LiveCom's network convergent point through an IPsec VPN link. The reliability and efficiency of the VPN link are improved greatly by using LiveCom's backbone transmission link.
To provide customers with private line services of the highest quality, LiveCom meets customer requirements based on their actual conditions. The private line services provided by LiveCom include:
  • Private line network planning for enterprises worldwide
  • MPLS/IPLC private line construction
  • Satellite-based private line construction (including ground station construction, local satellite license application, and link activation & commissioning)
  • Integration with Internet access services
  • Multimedia data services
  • Logistics and customs clearance services for private line devices
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of private lines
  • Around-the-clock communication QoS guarantee
  • Bearers for IT services of all enterprises
  • International voice and video services
  • Office network optimization
  • PC-to-PC one-stop service
  • Overseas 24×7 maintenance service