About Us
7*24 NOC Service

Our goals::

1. Make customers be satisfied with all our efforts.

2. Provide comprehensive personalized services based on customer requirements and create benefits for customers.

3. Become customers’ reliable IT teams involve their international extension, and enhance the degree of professionalism and efficiency.

4. Enable customers to focus on their main businesses.

LiveCom has a professional after-sales support team to provide service assurance to each customer. The Points of Presence (POPs) of LiveCom distributed in Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas are equipped with 24×7 network monitoring and warning mechanisms. Troubleshooting is implemented immediately after fault occurrence, thus providing highly reliable and stable network services to customers.


    LiveCom and its partners operate multiple regional service centers in the world and set up representative offices in over 200 countries. With the support of a team consisting of professional communications experts at home, LiveCom delivers high-quality services to customers, including:

  •  Remote technical support service
  •  Field technical support service
  •  Device inspection service
  •  Hardware support service
  •         With a strong and experienced team, LiveCom offers multilingual support services and satisfies, in a highly skilled manner, the different customer requirements ranging from simple processes to identification and resolution of complex problems.