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Industrial IT Consulting and IT Outsourcing

The IT service consulting team of LiveCom has multi-industry IT management project experience. The team establishes customized IT management systems for enterprises based on their management architectures and production process characteristics, so as to greatly improve management efficiency and reduce production and operation costs for enterprises.

Case 1:

An ultra-large multinational conglomerate has business operation across the globe, involving such industries as petroleum & natural gas, airport, railway & port, infrastructure, metallurgy, cement, mining, sandstone, shipping, automobile, electricity, logistics, light industry, agriculture, husbandry, and fishery. As the strategic partner of the conglomerate, LiveCom provides a package of IT service solutions, including:

  1. Application system construction solution
  2. Enterprise network security service solution
  3. Hosting and operation & maintenance services solution for IT devices in cloud-based telecommunications rooms
  4. Global VPN solution
  5. International and domestic private line solution
  6. International office and voice communications solution

Case 2:

A large multinational industrial corporation is an international leader in the automobile accessory field. As the IT consulting service partner of the corporation, LiveCom provides a package of IT service solutions based on the corporation's business requirements, including:

  1. Report system solution
  2. Remote disaster recovery solution
  3. International private line solution