The satellite special line network of dizwa copper cobalt project in DRC has been successfully opened
In February 2018, asixuda Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "asixuda") participated in the bidding for the special satellite network and related ancillary equipment of the Congo (DRC) dizwa copper cobalt project of China color group, and successfully won the bid for the project.

The project includes satellite special line communication, camp LAN construction and planning, camp wireless WiFi coverage, telephone voice communication, enterprise video conference communication, satellite TV access and other services. According to the field survey and the urgent needs of customers for business, it is required to realize the opening of special line network and basic network business in dormitory area in the shortest time. In order to complete the project delivery efficiently and qualitatively, iFLYTEK set up the project delivery team after winning the bid, and completed all the equipment procurement and transportation to the client's site in the DRC dizwa mining area in one month. At the end of March and the beginning of April, the professional network engineer team of iFLYTEK successively arrived at dagangguojin site. After more than a month of project implementation, in late April, before the customer moved into the living quarter, the network from the DRC to the domestic headquarters was fully connected, and the satellite internet access, voice telephone system deployment, satellite TV system deployment, backup UPS system deployment and other works were completed.

Installation completion drawing
Satellite antenna installation

For the successful delivery of the project, our engineering colleagues worked overtime to catch up with the work for the scheduled delivery of the project, overcome the impact of many factors such as the rainy season on site and the lack of local engineering auxiliary materials, and won the unanimous praise and high praise of the customers. Due to the poor coverage of local operators in the mining area (almost no 3G signal), at the moment when the network is connected, they have expressed that "it's like getting out of prison", "no need to lose contact with their families at last" and "only when the signal is lost can we know the importance of communication".

The communication network construction project is a special network for the construction of the DRC copper cobalt mine project of the China color group, which is used to connect with the group's Beijing headquarters, and to carry the on-site communication and related information services of the DRC copper cobalt mine. After the project is put into operation, the site of DRC copper cobalt mine project will be interconnected with the group headquarters and domestic co organizers through the special network of satellite access, so as to meet the communication needs between the site of copper cobalt mine and domestic units. At the same time, in order to meet the entertainment and leisure life of Chinese employees abroad, the project also provides Chinese satellite TV and Internet access services, so that local Chinese employees are far away from China, and in real-time synchronization with China, as if in China.

Satellite equipment and LAN system equipment cabinet, with battery cabinet at the back
Satellite TV system cabinet

The DRC, as one of the countries with the richest copper and cobalt content in the world, has attracted a large number of foreign-funded enterprises and, of course, a large number of Chinese-funded enterprises on the copper belt from Kolwezi to Lubumbashi. At the beginning of mining area construction in Africa, the biggest problem facing enterprises is the communication problem. As an international ISP operator (Internet service provider, that is to say, a telecom operator providing internet access services, information services and value-added services to a large number of enterprise users), Livecom has established overseas POP points in Hong Kong, London, Paris, Sydney, Caliari, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and other places through ten years of development. Through these nodes, customers can be provided with end-to-end satellite & submarine cable special line, VPN special line service, satellite broadband Internet access service, enterprise integrated communication service, IDD international voice / international SMS service, overseas host hosting, virtual host leasing service, LAN integrated construction, overseas camp network security service, enterprise information it planning and it service outsourcing, overseas Chinese health service Star TV service, overseas Chinese TV sub origin station service, etc.

At present,Livecom has provided services for many mining areas including Huagang, lvsha, MKM, etc. in the copper belt of DRC.