Fan Wei: life is about struggling
As time goes by, we have been in the company for more than a year. Since taking over the position of DTH business manager, we have witnessed the great development of the team's business, especially the qualitative leap in 2017's revenue. As a member of the team, it's undoubtedly an honor. I'm very lucky to meet the best team at the most appropriate time, because our team can still struggle, I also sincerely thank the leaders and the media team for giving me a valuable opportunity to join.

As the saying goes, if the running water is not rotten, it will travel thousands of miles river and enter thousands miles of sea. Looking back on the past year in the company, it has gained a lot, not only the responsibility of its own position, but also the necessity of expanding to more value-added business by using platform resources as an enterprise development. During this period, I was also lucky to participate in the advertising business, enterprise camp research, lottery business exploration and a series of expansion and exploration work, such as ALU maintenance, China Africa Medical Service exploration, Chinese education research, etc., I have realized that life is a struggle and opportunities are struggled to get.

I remember that when I just joined the company, I first took over the work of agent in a short period of time, especially the data adjustment work involved in a large number of user switching in the Angolan market. Because I was not proficient in business, I used many overtime hours to toss, and straightened out the work. In the process, I also deepened my deep understanding of business and proficient in the system and platform. I also learned three hearts in my later work, that is, carefulness, attentiveness and patience, which have been influencing me in my future work.

Later, the study of communication business and the promotion of lottery, to Africa for business trip, and gradually entered the "painful period" of work, which can be said to be painful and happy. There are many new things that I have been exposed to in this period of time, and I have tried various ways to explore them. Every day I work at night, I am also struggling with how to expand them. Until I went to Africa later, I felt the real needs of the business? What problems and needs do we solve for our customers? What are our difficulties? How will we screen and judge? Wait. All this is a process of quantitative and qualitative change, especially the understanding of new things. We often cross the river by feeling the stones. We don't know what kind of obstacles or landscapes are ahead of us. The spirit of exploration must be there, because if we don't struggle and stay at original place, it may be a dead end for our post.

The job of the post is to maintain good agency, promote business growth, in addition to channel and business development, which is also a long-term war. For this reason, I began to work out a daily work list, put it on my desktop, and constantly remind myself to work as orderly as possible every day without missing my time. Half an hour is reserved for me from 8:30 to 9:00 every day. I need to deal with the remaining work of the previous day. Because of the time difference, many of the night's work needs to be dealt with in the morning and give customer feedback, such as equipment sales, account opening, etc. Next, I will spend an hour, using various channels to find advertisers, because most of them are in China, which is also normal working time.

Then I can rest for 10 minutes. It is self-evident that sitting in front of the computer is harmful to your health. In the next more than an hour's morning, I will browse the major portals, forums and other channels about China and Africa to learn the latest consultation, so that we can fully understand the market and potential opportunities. In the afternoon, I will focus on the docking of partners. Because of the time difference, I will first pay attention to the dynamic of users in each country in the afternoon, or loss, or expiration, communicate with agents according to the established task indicators, and remind them to solve in time. In addition, use various channels to tap potential agent partners of blank countries, and then make some posters or soft articles to publicize in QQ \ wechat \ forum and other channels. Finally, summarize the gains and losses of the day and plan the work to be handled later.
It has been nearly a year since this plan was formulated. Although there are not many big gains for the time being, it is very substantial every day. I believe that every day there are gains, and every month there will be a little progress compared with last month. Next, I will continue to follow my own rhythm and step by step to contribute to the development of the business.

It's not a long time or a short time for more than a year, and a lot of work can't be shared one by one, but it's sure that I've fully integrated into the team, and I'm very happy with the team, and I'm eager to keep going hand in hand with the team, and follow the team with my own frustrations. On the one hand, I'll continue to work steadily in my own work, focusing on Iraq outside Africa and other markets have made breakthroughs. And in other business exploration, also actively follow the pace of the team, and divergent thinking to actively explore more business opportunities.