[China Development Network] Livecom Chen Jiang: the value of enterprise’s overseas network and information construction plus platform servi
"In recent years, the rapid development of Internet technology is an opportunity as well as a challenge for the service outsourcing industry. Under the wave of Internet, cloud computing, digital technology and other new technologies, it is urgent for enterprises with overseas business to build an information platform covering domestic and overseas. " Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom, said at the "2018 global service outsourcing conference", which held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province recently that the company was established to provide the best service for the target customers with the latest technology and the most effective means.

Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

"Livecom is a company specializing in the construction of cross-border overseas basic network and information platform for going global enterprises and government agencies." Chen said that the scale of the industry itself is not too large, but the fields and industries it can drive and support are astronomical. Many enterprises generally face a problem when they go abroad, and the construction of overseas information platform is relatively stagnant. The reason is that the construction and service of overseas network and information platform is a rather difficult work, not only the technical difficulty, but also the difficulty of resource integration. "Choosing this industry to help enterprises eliminate bottlenecks can bring unlimited value to institutional users."

According to reports, Livecom is a service provider specialized in providing overseas communication network and information platform construction and services for enterprises and other users, and can provide them with one-stop solutions. The scope of service includes the special line interconnection of submarine cable and satellite, Internet access, international voice, enterprise integrated communication solutions, IT consulting and enterprise informatization, etc.

Chen Jiang said that Livecom has implemented many overseas infrastructure network construction projects, involving all continents and covering all corners of the world. These networks first come from the private network established by the company for the enterprise, and finally evolve into a perfect large platform to carry more customers and businesses. Network nodes, bandwidth, all kinds of hardware, software facilities, and operation and maintenance services are shared, which not only meet the personalized needs, but also reduce the complexity and improve the reliability. We adopt the latest mature technologies in the industry, such as cloud computing, hyper fusion, SDN-Wan and intelligent operation and maintenance, which are consistent with the future development trend.

In Chen Jiang's view, in the era of Internet plus, the traditional format is changing slowly. As a professional service provider, the work that Livecom needs to do firstly is playing the value of people, and to make customized plans for target customers. Organize and coordinate the implementation of various resources. One of the most important is to do a good design according to the requirements of customers, and there must be no problems in this link. Secondly, from the perspective of service outsourcing, Livecom is not only the receiver but also the employer. It needs to integrate resources and establish an ecosystem to maximize value and benefit customers. Finally, the realization of professional companies to do professional things is the ultimate purpose of service outsourcing. Our industry is only a very small branch of service outsourcing industry, and its value can be seen by analyzing this branch; after the basic work is done, the business scale it supports and the crowding effect it brings, or the value it brings to enterprise users is unlimited.

In recent years, Livecom has been exploring various ways to improve the service. Only taking the operation and maintenance service as an example, the company has already entered the stage of comprehensively trying intelligent operation and maintenance from the traditional manual way to the latest tool of the system to implement monitoring and operation and maintenance. All these are for one purpose, new technology as the driving force, to improve the service quality and ultimately benefit customers.

"Efforts on this road, Livecom will never stop." Chen Jiang finally said. (China Development Network)