[Hong Kong Business Daily] The demand for cross-border communication services is at an explosive growth point
[Hongkong Business Daily] Reporter Zhang Lijuan reported: with more and more enterprises layout "One Belt and One Road" market, there are more and more demand for the construction of overseas businesses, covering overseas and domestic information platforms. Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., revealed that "going global" large state-owned enterprises have clear requirements for information construction, so the market for such services is huge, and now it is at a growth point.

Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a provider specialized in overseas network and comprehensive communication service solutions, which can provide enterprises, governments and transnational organizations with all-round telecom level and enterprise level communication solutions, and provide international enterprises, government departments, various institutions and operators with end-to-end one-stop communication and information services, so as to provide more enterprises can obtain the necessary communication and information services for overseas expansion more efficiently, conveniently and economically.

Chen Jiang, who has worked in ZTE's overseas market for 20 years, saw the demand of overseas Chinese enterprises for the construction of information platform before the national "Belt and Road" initiative was put forward. "Some overseas projects reach hundreds of millions of US dollars, but the enterprise information platform is very weak, usually only using the very traditional way to transmit information such as telephone or fax, which is very inconvenient and it seriously affects the efficiency of the enterprise ". As a result, Livecom was born. After ten years of development, Livecom has established overseas data centers or POPs in Hong Kong, London, Paris, Sydney, Cagliari, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and other places. Through these nodes, it provides end-to-end satellite & cable special line, VPN special line services for customers , satellite broadband Internet service, enterprise integrated communication service, IDD international voice / international SMS service, overseas hosting, virtual host leasing service, LAN integrated construction, overseas camp network security service, enterprise information IT planning and IT service outsourcing, overseas Chinese satellite TV service, overseas Chinese TV sub origin station service, etc.

Livecom's cooperative customers are all from large enterprises and organizations at home and abroad, such as CNPC, Sinopec, Xinhua news agency, CCTV international, Anzhong petroleum, CNOOC, Sinohydro, Fuyao Group, peacekeeping force, Papua New Guinea Ministry of education, etc.

According to Chen Jiang, at present, there are more than 100 Chinese customers in Livecom, including nearly 40 large-scale central enterprises. "Excluding the three major operators in China, we should be in the top three in terms of the number of customers we serve.".

With the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, the scale of China's foreign investment has increased dramatically, and the original business focus is on the Livecom company in the coastal area along the way. "Because we have to do a business in Africa, of course, we need to know how many investors there are in China. We have done a survey. It is probably five or six years ago, the data is six hundred billion dollars. There are all kinds of projects together. We see opportunities from demand. Now many of our projects are related to "One Belt and One Road" initiative. We also position ourselves, that is, “going out” enterprise. The enterprises that go out, especially those undertaking investment projects in the area along the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, give them information and basic network services. We define ourselves as the international ISP operators (Internet Service Provider), that is, the telecom operators who provide comprehensive Internet access services, information services and value-added services to the vast number of enterprise users.

The target customers of Livecom are basically group customers, and the informatization of group customers is just a basic thing at the bottom, "that is to say, whether you make a special line for him or establish a data center overseas, he is just the foundation of all informatization, because there is no such foundation, such as office automation, finance, contract management and many other software, and the enterprise has no such Foundation , so the first step they need to do is to fix the basic route. "Chen Jiang said, how large is the scale? We have also done a survey. There are about 1000 enterprises in need in" going out "and about 20000 in China. One thousand enterprises in need spend billions of RMB a year in infrastructure construction. On this basis, the application of information technology, that is to say, involves processes and some core applications, which may be multiplied many times. On this basis, the core business needs to be supported by some information technology, and the industrial chain is even larger, which adds up to tens of billions of scale. In this way, the market scale is very large, and its growth should be said to be at present an outbreak point, because these enterprises, especially the large central enterprises going out, have clear requirements for information construction. Some enterprises have to do it by themselves, and some government agencies such as the Ministry of Commerce and the national development and Reform Commission require enterprises to do it. For example, the Ministry of Commerce recently asked some overseas institutional users to establish a video return system, that is, to send back overseas projects through video, which is a very large network, so the demand may not increase by a few percent a year, which should be a large proportion. "

Chen Jiang said that Livecom has implemented many overseas infrastructure network construction projects, involving all continents and covering all corners of the world. These networks first come from the private network established by the company for the enterprise, and finally evolve into a perfect large platform to carry more customers and businesses. Network nodes, bandwidth, various hardware, software facilities, and operation and maintenance services. In Chen Jiang's view, the scale of the industry itself is not too large, but the fields and industries it can drive and support are astronomical figures. " Our industry is just a very small branch of the service outsourcing industry, and the value it brings can be seen through the analysis of this branch; after the basic work is done, the business scale it supports and the crowding effect it brings, or the value it brings to enterprise users is unlimited. " (Source: Hong Kong Business Daily)