[21st century economic news] opening and technology two wheel driven service outsourcing rush to the pillar industry
On June 14, the operation of the national economy in May released by the National Bureau of statistics showed that the production index of the national service industry in May increased by 8.1% year-on-year, 0.1% faster than that of last month, and the growth of information transmission, software and information technology service industry was faster.

 In recent years, the driving role of service industry in China's economic growth and transformation has become increasingly significant. As a modern high-end service industry, service outsourcing industry plays an important role in it. Many of the above industries, such as information transmission, are involved in service outsourcing. 

Expert analysis, the development of China's service outsourcing industry will usher in an opportunity period. However, the development of service outsourcing industry also puts forward higher requirements for our business environment, which needs to be accelerated and optimized. 

Service outsourcing accounts for nearly 4% of GDP. 

At present, service outsourcing has become a huge industry in China.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, in 2017, the contract value of service outsourcing undertaken by Chinese enterprises exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan, and the executed value was 850.16 billion yuan, an increase of 26.8% and 20.1% year on year respectively.

More intuitively, the service outsourcing industry accounts for 3.9% of China's GDP, driving 0.24% growth; the number of employees is 9.775 million, and the indirect employment is 32.456 million. 

The growth momentum of service outsourcing industry is rapid, and the industrial growth rate is equivalent to 2.3 times of the overall growth rate of service industry. Among them, the growth rate of offshore service outsourcing business is equivalent to 1.4 times of the growth rate of overall service export, and its contribution rate to the growth of service export is as high as 46%. 

"An industrial output value accounting for more than 5% of GDP is a pillar industry, and China's service outsourcing is not far from the pillar industry." Li Jun, director of the International Service Trade Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said. 

Service outsourcing industry also plays a significant role in driving the transformation of China's momentum and foreign trade. In 2017, for example, the service outsourcing industry accounted for 11.8% of the total digital economy, 34.9% of the service export and more than 70% of the emerging service export. According to China Outsourcing brand development report 2018 released by the international trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, service outsourcing plays an obvious role in promoting the optimization of China's economic structure, and the function and status of service outsourcing in high-quality development will be further highlighted. 

Li Gang, vice president of the Research Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, said that China's economy is moving from industry-oriented to service-oriented, and it is also necessary to vigorously develop the service outsourcing industry, promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry and the upgrading of the service industry, and boost high-quality development. 

Li Gang said that China's service outsourcing has gradually moved away from the development mode of realizing industrial scale expansion relying on the advantage of factor cost and turned to the development track of promoting industrial quality and efficiency by innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The above report also shows that as China's service providers increase R&D, strengthen innovation, improve their professional service capabilities, and optimize their service outsourcing business structure, for example, the proportion of high-end knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) business has been raised to 1 / 3. 

China's one belt, one road development has been provided by the opening up and technology development. Fang Aiqing, deputy director of the 13th CPPCC Economic Committee and former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, said that in this process, not only the development potential of offshore contracting business is great, but also the development potential of offshore contracting business is great. One belt, one road, has been accepted by many domestic outsourcing enterprises. 

As a comprehensive communication service provider, Livecom has been providing solutions for overseas enterprises and institutions in recent years, and the higher proportion is the Chinese enterprises along the "one belt and one road", including the central enterprises. (link: opening and technology two wheel driven service outsourcing rush to the pillar industry)

"The one belt and one road" increment is not a concept of a few percent a year. It’s a great deal. Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom, said that the communication service infrastructure of countries along the line is relatively lagging behind. At present, a large number of domestic enterprises are going to sea, generating direct and urgent demand. Outsourcing to professional companies is a trend, which may stimulate tens of billions of demand scale in the future. 

Another Toone Technologies Inc engaged in One Belt, One Road, is also following the big central enterprises and moving along the "One Belt and One Road" line. A large business of One Belt, One Road, is the development of the engineering construction management system. There are many infrastructure projects along the Belt and Road, and the demand is huge. 

Science and technology are constantly empowering the development and upgrading of China's service outsourcing industry, especially the development of Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, improving the service ability of the contracting enterprises, and activating their own innovation and creativity, thus promoting the innovation and development of service outsourcing industry in the direction of high-end, digital, integrated and standardized. 

This is directly reflected in the Technology of Toone. Xiong Li, President of the company, introduced that the company has developed a set of "codeless development" software development mode and corresponding platforms. Through the thinking of "crowdsourcing", the traditional software development mode has been overturned, greatly improving its own software development ability, response ability to requirements and product delivery ability, as well as reducing costs. 

"The acceleration of information technology innovation provides convenient conditions. The non tradable ones are now tradable. Service outsourcing can be carried out without leaving the house." Fang Aiqing said that China's service outsourcing is moving forward to knowledge economy, digital economy and innovation economy. 

Li Jun also pointed out that digitalization and intelligence are undoubtedly the upgrading direction of the outsourcing industry in the future, but at the same time, some cost oriented service outsourcing industries will be eliminated and replaced. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of service outsourcing enterprises in the digital era should adapt to the new technical conditions.