Feeling for the implementation of DRC project: concerted efforts, forge ahead - Bai Jia
There is a faint gray blue sea outside the side window. I know that the plane has dropped to the Hong Kong airport. There are so many business trips. Every return is a precipitation of life.

Hard conditions won't stop us

I remember the scene when I just arrived in DRC two months ago: the bumpy cross-country vehicle delivered me to a simple camp. Beside the sparse trees, there were several rows of container plank houses. The rough stone concrete path extended to the door of the plank house, forming a simple road net of the camp. The camp was surrounded by wire mesh into a regular rectangle, only one was left in the West Several gate exits, several local security personnel on duty on both sides of the gate, several jeeps are parked in simple parking spaces marked by stones, two gang workers are using water pipes to clean the car body, and several chaotic ruts are winding along the road to the depth of the jungle.

Camp environment

I have come to Africa many times, and I have traveled to nearly 10 countries. This project implementation should be the most difficult customer camp I have ever been to. Everything in the camp is grass-roots creation. The temporary residence is transformed by container. There is no municipal power, and the power for living and office is totally dependent on the generator. There is no desk, and a long board is built with bricks. There is no running water, and water is pumped from the underground but only for washing and flushing

Temporary dormitory

Although the living conditions are so hard, the implementation of the project still needs to continue.... we have made enough mental preparations to face the difficulties that will be encountered during the implementation of the project.

Although so, I didn't expect the difficulties to come so fast. Soon after we pushed forward the project, we met the first construction problem - the difficulty of engineering resource coordination. Before we came to the site, we signed an agreement with Party B, who promised to provide us with manpower and machinery to help with the foundation construction and antenna installation of satellite antenna. However, the project schedule of Party A on the site conflicts with the resource scheduling of our project implementation, so we can only coordinate in the middle. After many times of difficult coordination and communication, the first difficulty of project implementation - the concrete casting project of antenna foundation was finally promoted.

If you have the conditions, you must go ahead. If you don't have the conditions, you must go ahead!

As the saying goes, once born, twice cooked. Satellite antenna installation and foundation construction belong to the same project, but we did not expect to encounter the same problem again. In case of difficulties in the scheduling of construction machinery and manpower again, Party B replied that the vehicle machinery could not be dispatched temporarily and could not assist us in the installation work. However, the components of the satellite antenna are too heavy to be carried by manpower. It is hard to coordinate the forklift. We found that the muddy wheels on the ground could not slip. We quickly shoveled earth and filled mud, and pushed the forklift through the muddy road section. Later, when the crane hoisted the column, it encountered the problem that the antenna column could not be hoisted to the predetermined position due to the terrain limitation. It took a lot of effort, and only the workers could pack and disassemble the antenna, and carry it to the installation site one by one.

It's not easy to move all the components of the antenna to the side of the foundation. Party B replies that there is no extra scaffold or ladder. These are the necessary tools for installing the antenna. In this remote place, you can't buy them if you want to. Do we really need to wait for Party B's scaffolds to come out and idle before installing the antenna? Of course not!

The progress of the project is urgent, and it is necessary to go up if conditions are available, or to go up if conditions are not created! We can't wait for the project to stagnate! My colleagues searched everywhere for the substitute of scaffold. After a while, it was really not in vain. We found some unused steel shelves in the open-air warehouse. Although they were a little heavy, they were of suitable size, and we were sure to be able to make do with them. We greeted the warehouse keeper. Three people carried a steel shelf, laid a board, and then found several waste wooden boxes to build up. Everything is fine!

The simple scaffold is also available, the tools are complete, and Party B's workers are called away again. It's a twists and turns! Don't want to waste time to coordinate and find people any more. Do it yourself and have plenty of food and clothes. After two days' hard work, the antenna installation was completed successfully.

The customer's satisfaction is the biggest reward to us!

Since the installation of the antenna is completed, other work is nothing. Install the cabinet, put the equipment on the rack, configure and debug, and open the link. As long as you don't need to find Party A or Party B to coordinate resources, everything will go smoothly. Within the time limit stipulated in the contract, the special line link has been successfully connected.

At the time of project acceptance, the customers were very surprised ans said that “I didn't expect that you could actually open the link within the time stipulated in the contract!” We reply that this is our style and principle of Livecom. Our goal is to let customers trust the construction of communication informatization to Livecom in the process of cooperation with Livecom, so as to focus on their main business.

We have always believed that the satisfaction of customers is the greatest reward to us! Although in the process of project implementation, we encountered various difficulties, but with a hope of success, we eliminated difficulties, overcome setbacks, and finally successfully completed the established project tasks, winning the appreciation of customers.