Uphold Team spirit, create great acheivement hand in hand--- Livecom & China Mobile group building development activity is a complete success------Jul
On July 20, 2018, Livecom and the partners of China Mobile International Co., Ltd. participated in the team development activity themed "work together to create great achievement" in the development base of Beijing Daxing Star TV program production center. Outward bound training is a set of training process that builds team vitality and promotes organization growth. It is a set of experiential simulation training specially designed to meet the needs of modern team building. In order to enhance the friendship and cooperation and mutual trust between the teams of the two sides, 20 people from Livecom Business Department II and Beijing Representative Office of China Mobile International Corporation participated in the team development activity.

At 9 a.m., the partners of the teams from both sides gathered in the development training base. Taking the opportunity of the colleagues from the business departments of both sides, they first held a business exchange seminar. During the exchange meeting, the teams of both sides respectively introduced the latest business, enterprise resources and cooperation advantages of their respective enterprises, so that their colleagues could have a deeper and detailed understanding of each other's business advantages and lay a good foundation for deeper enterprise cooperation.

Business exchange Seminar
Manager Tan Zhihong of Livecom introduces the company's business
Engineer Ji Haichen of China Mobile introduces international business
General manager Zhao Tao of Livecom introduces the company's media business

After lunch, the team development activities officially began. First, the coach created a lively team atmosphere through two small games to eliminate the gap and build a foundation of mutual trust. Then, according to the coach's guidance, the participants were divided into two teams and selected the team leader. The team name, team flag, team song and team modeling activities were carried out, which fully demonstrated the creativity and passion of the participants, gathered the wisdom of the people, concentrated the innovation awareness and showed the positive team spirit.

Make team name, flag and slogan

Then the team completed the "real CS", "minesweeping" and "Da Vinci decryption + plum blossom pile" activities in the form of team confrontation.
In the "real CS" activity, the team members of both sides participated in the annihilation War (all or most of them killed and captured the enemy, completely deprived the enemy's combat effectiveness) and espionage war (each side has a spy lurk, the goal is to annihilate the enemy and eliminate the traitor), which truly restored the scene of gunfight in the CS game. The hearty confrontation war let the training team members release pressure, inspire courage and belief. Through the cooperation of the whole battle, enhances the cooperation and communication of the team, and improves the ability of time and task management.  

Real CS

"Mine clearance" activity is a competition and cooperation activity between the teams of both sides. The team members of both sides should go through countless mine detection and marking, and finally reach the opposite end. In the process of the game, the teams of both sides play their own subjective initiative and divide their work. Some are responsible for recording, some are responsible for testing thunder by themselves, some are responsible for interfering with each other, some are responsible for finding the best route. Finally, within 40 minutes, the orange team takes the lead in crossing the minefield to reach the end to win the round of the game.

Mine sweeping game, looking for "safe" path

In the final "Da Vinci Code + plum blossom pile" activity, "Da Vinci Code" requires all colleagues to work together to arrange 30 cards representing different numbers in order from large to small, and the first team to win. In this activity, the yellow team and the red team respectively played their respective abilities of self-care, creativity and response, fully divided their work, completed the activity with the team's strength, and obtained the fragments of Taiji, and the team members from both sides walked on the plum pole together to complete the splicing.

Da Vinci Code + plum blossom pile activity

Both teams saw the advantages and disadvantages of the team through the above activities, and fully realized the importance of team cooperation and communication, which laid a good foundation for future work and cooperation.

Group photo

Through the generation, display and integration of the team, we have strengthened our understanding and communication ability, and improved the spirit of creating excellent team. Both teams practice and learn in practice, summarize changes in learning, and continue to think and summarize in changes.

After experiencing the joy of success brought by cooperation, dedication and courage, each of us deeply felt the essence of responsibility, cooperation and self-confidence as well as the responsibility to be undertaken as a member of the team. I believe that in the follow-up work, the teams of both sides will be more united and cooperative, work hand in hand, and create good results together!