Africa Link union -- building a bridge for China Africa relations -----Zhang Guoyong
The Third Council of the African link union was held on October 19 at the media center in Beijing. 20 media representatives from 18 African countries, including Tanzania and Kenya, as well as Chinese media and technical representatives, jointly conducted in-depth and extensive exchanges on the annual work of the alliance, China Africa cooperation in communication, provision of film and television programs, broadcasting cooperation and other topics. As a member of theAfrica Link union and technical service provider, Livecom also participated in various discussions on media cooperation between China and Africa.

According to statistics, CCTV video news agency provides news materials to members every day. From July 2017 to October 2018, it pushed 25354 news materials, including African related news and international emergency and hot news, through clients. Meanwhile, during this period, ALU members downloaded 38680 times of news materials through the client, and 14 members uploaded 1749 times of news materials. According to Gao Wei, director of CCTV Video News Agency, the company has completed its annual goal of pushing and downloading news materials in the first nine months of this year, building a bridge for media cooperation between China and Africa. All of these are inseparable from the technical support of Livecom. In his speech at the ALU Council, Mr. Zhao Tao, general manager of Livecom, stressed that we will continue to use updated technology and better services to support the bridge of media cooperation between China and Africa.

Speech by Mr. Zhao Tao, general manager of Livecom

It is reported that in order to strengthen the media cooperation between China and Africa, CCTV video news agency set up a special news content service line for African media - "Africa link" in 2013, which provides CCTV's video news content and live broadcast signal of major events for the contracted African media. Livecom is the builder and maintainer of this African video transmission channel. With the positive effect and influence of the deepening cooperation between China and Africa, this African video transmission channel has gradually attracted 31 mainstream radio and television media from 30 African countries, and the number is still increasing.

At the third China Africa media cooperation forum in 2016, China Africa media upgraded "Africa link" to "Africa link union", realizing content interaction and sharing for the first time, becoming a new mechanism and platform for China Africa media cooperation. As the technical supporter behind, Livecom witnessed and participated in this "line" and finally became a "network". The media cooperation between China and Africa is also more convenient and far-reaching. We are very proud!