LiveCom’s Cloud Platform IDC upgrading completed

To meet the rapid development of the business and customer's demand for higher bandwidth capacity and higher computing capacity, LiveCom's ICT engineers upgraded and renovated LiveCom's oversea data network from March to May 2016. In early April, at the final stage of data network renovation, the final operation & implementation includes cloud platform implemetation in primary node, eploy traditional leased line MPLS IP-oriented transformation,IPSec VPN redundant deployment for private line, remote backup data roaming and remote monitoring, etc.. After the transformation of the network operation and maintenance will bring great convenience and efficiency improvement.

During the upgrading and renovatoin period, engineering team overcome the extremely difficult, completed the all required work excentelly before the timeline.


The below diagram are implementation at work station

In addition, during this upgrading and renovation, the original privated line based on SDH technology is transformed to IP transit based on Interne which saved bandwidth cost. At the same time, using Livecom owned AS NUM, to ensure that the needs of customers, the dynamic use of national service providers of Internet resources. 

Finally, the deployment of the cloud platform. It uses the industry mainstream proprietary software platform which named VSPHERE6.0, VCENTER6.0. Currently IDC in Paris can provide the 400 logical CPU processing capability and 40T storage space, which can flexible expansion according to the business requirement seamless.

Cloud Platform diagram

The cloud computer IDC renovation which took over one month, and completed on May 3, 2016. After upgrading and renovation, LiveCom's Paris IDC is able to provide up to 400 virtual machines, 40T storing data, 500Mbps dedicated line from Paris to Hong Kong and 10Gbps Internet access capacity.