"Unite and strive, surpass ourselves and create the future together" -- a wonderful review of the one-day group construction activity of Sh
Team building, as the name suggests, is team development. Team building is a necessary activity in modern enterprise management, and it is the full embodiment of enterprise cohesion and combat effectiveness. A meaningful team building can better promote the construction and development of the team. We need to know that only when we do a good job in league building can we call it Team building. If we don't, we can call it Team destruction ~! This group building activity of Livecom is quite unique! 

At 8:30 a.m. on December 21, leaders from Shenzhen, Nanjing and Beijing and their colleagues from Shanghai gathered downstairs to take a bus to the Sea View Park of Dishui Lake.

Part 1the real people CS in the Sea View Park 
under the guidance of the coach, the real people CS in the Sea View Park are divided into two teams through the simplest and rough way of "finger-guessing game". Let's take a look at the team name and slogan of everyone!

Eagles team- eagles, flying high!

Long bow team - long bow , long bow, shooting Eagles!

What? Did the Eagles Teamnot keep secrets when they discussed the team name and slogan~

After the relaxing and interesting warm-up activities, everyone gradually relax themselves and became more familiar with each other. Then we started the intense and exciting real CS challenge. In the process of activity, everyone really integrated into the battlefield, and inspired everyone's sense of responsibility, team spirit and the ability to cope with difficulties and challenges.

Infrared laser: sound and vibration restore the real battle scene

Part 2: Sea View Park barbecue base

Ample food and clothing by working with our own hands.

The men in Livecom are all super gentlemen! They almost work without stop. From the beginning, they are unskilled. Later,they are more familiar. It seems that "Livecom BBQ stand" can be officially opened
They have a good command of the temperature of each kebab! It seems that "Livecom BBQ stand" can be officially opened~

"Barbecue stand" No. 1 - skillful, he is a foodie!

"Barbecue stand" No. 2 - Chair Chen and Zhao make barbecue for us!

Conclusion 1: no matter what, the leader baked the best food;
conclusion 2: no matter who took it out of the oven, it finally went into the mouth of female colleagues.

Part3:Cycling around Dishui Lake & directional development

After a short rest, our activities continued. BBQ in Dishui Lake and cycle outside Dishui Lake~



Everyone on the mountain bike, set out neatly!

Directional development - Compare leg length

Some guys have long legs but poor flexibility, which is a waste of congenital conditions. Although we girls are not tall, we can easily split a fork and "crush" long legs boys~

Directional  development - concentric drum

After a few simple attempts, everyone has found the key point of the game: one place to think, one place to exert, one place to look! When you hear the sound of the ball falling freely on the drum surface. On the huge east coast, a "song made by drum" instantly sounded, that moment is full of sense of achievement.


Cycling through the East China Sea



Sitting on the east coast, remember "those years"



Return trip - group photo

This team building activity has gained a lot, which has narrowed the distance between colleagues and made us a better team!

Each small partner knows the importance of team cooperation while having fun. From effective communication to implementation, each link is very critical. Only by ensuring that each link is error free, can we really improve efficiency. This is also the similarity of work, life and game.

The story is not over...... In the coming 2019, including every day in the future, we hope that you will always keep this passion, work together, surpass yourself and create the future together!