Great Wall Network TV Malaysia market cooperation agreement signed
On May 24, 2016, the tripartite agreement between CCTV international media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited. and Malaysia Smart Media on the Malaysia market cooperation of Great Wall Platform Network TV was signed at the Shenzhen headquarters of AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited, deputy general manager of AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited and Rong Bingqiang, director of Smart Media business development attended the signing ceremony.

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China TV Great Wall Platform was established in 2004. With the approval of the State Administration of radio, film and television, China TV international media Co., Ltd., affiliated to China International Television Corporation, is responsible for the full operation of the Great Wall platform. China TV Great Wall platform integrates more than 34 comprehensive and professional channels with Chinese, English, Spanish, French and other characteristics from mainland China, Hong Kong and related overseas. It is the first overseas broadcast platform integrating China's high-quality channel resources in the world, and is warmly welcomed by overseas Chinese audiences and mainstream media. In order to adapt to the rapid development of new media business, Great Wall Platform launched Great Wall Internet TV based on its own global network. Great Wall Internet TV is the world's first OTT service platform that provides a large number of HD Chinese TV and HD Chinese on demand through official channels, gathering and broadcasting the most wonderful programs of CCTV and local TV stations in China in real time.

Malaysian Smart Media customers visited ZTE exhibition hall and took photos. Subsequently, Rong Bingqiang, director of Smart Media business development in Malaysia, Wang Guobao, director of e-business, held cordial talks with Zhao Tao, deputy general manager of AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited, director of media strategy, etc. They had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the situation of Chinese in Malaysia, Chinese education, local culture and social organizations, and focused on the following market promotion, filled with confidence in the Malaysian market.


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Malaysia is an important force on the maritime Silk Road. The signing of the three party cooperation agreement is an important step in implementing the strategy of "going global" and "One Belt and One Road" in Chinese culture.