Chinese TV in the "fighting nation" Russia

In the afternoon of the June 1 children's day, the ZTE Beijing branch ushered in a group of distinguished guests. Lv Chunguang, the general manager of CCTV international, and Xu Wenteng, chairman of the Russian volunteers Union, and their members. As the host, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited arranged this gathering to hold the signing ceremony of the Great Wall platform network TV market cooperation in Russia.

Signing ceremony
create the future hand in hand

As a world power with good neighborliness and friendship with China, Russia has attracted many overseas Chinese to study and do business in Russia. CCTV international is responsible for the important task of "Chinese culture going out", which can provide high-quality Chinese live TV services for the vast number of overseas Chinese in Russia and the local mainstream society. As the most influential Chinese public welfare organization in Russia, the Russian Chinese volunteer union haves the mission of "telling Chinese stories" instructed by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and becomes the ideal partner of the Great Wall platform network television landing in Russia. As the project operator, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited will work with both sides to bring the Great Wall platform network TV into the families of thousands of Chinese overseas Chinese in Russia.

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At the signing ceremony, CCTV international, Russia China volunteer alliance and AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited elaborated their own ideas, exchanged ideas on the market and reached a common vision of cooperation! On the beautiful evening outside Moscow, we will be there!