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Africa's economic development in the world has always been relatively backward. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, most regions still have no network coverage, especially far away from the city's barracks and project bases. The network coverage of local operators is poor, and even mobile phones cannot communicate normally due to no signal.

The few Internet cafes in the city are only for the rich people to stay. 20 yuan an hour, you can open a web page after smoking a cigarette.

With the further deepening of China Africa cooperation, more and more Chinese enterprises and people have entered every corner of African countries and devoted themselves to hard infrastructure construction, energy development and other fields to see how they can meet the needs of communication and Internet access

The enterprise camp is located in a camp in Africa. The network coverage of local operators is poor. Mobile communication often needs to go for several kilometers to keep smooth. There are 10 permanent office workers. They need to report the project progress and site conditions to Party A by email every day. In addition, it is necessary to transmit the project information to the domestic headquarters through the company's internal office system for work report. In addition, the communication needs of employees' daily life are essential.

This is almost the basic communication needs of most of the enterprises in Africa. The local operators' special line access costs are too high, and because the camp is far away from the capital city, the conditions are not allowed, and the project construction cycle is also long. In order to ensure the basic communication, the enterprise has provided a complete set of solutions to contact Livecom.

Of course, at first, two sets of schemes were provided for the enterprise to choose from. One was the TDMA satellite communication scheme exported through the Internet in Europe, via the satellite on the ground station in Cagliari, Italy, and the other was the TDMA satellite communication scheme exported from Hong Kong through Zhongxing 15, the main station in Hong Kong and the public network. Finally, according to the choice of customers:

The Livecom project team provides the camp with a fixed monthly bandwidth of 1.5m down / 0.5m up, which is cost-effective and can meet the daily office and communication needs of the camp. Because the camp dormitory is connected with the office area and connected to the dormitory area with wireless AP, in addition, on this basis, it also provides free access to Chinese TV and international office phone, which not only solves the problem of Africa's boring camp life, but also to solve the office phone, telephone as convenient as in China.

When it comes to Chinese TV, the Chinese people in Africa should be familiar with it. Yes, Love TV, 19 live programs cover domestic and foreign popular TV plays, films, the most front-line hot information and the most wonderful sports events.

In addition, the scheme has the following advantages:

A. Because the C-band is adopted, the rainy season in the African camp has no impact on the network signal transmission

B. Zhongxing 15 selected by customers landed in Hong Kong, which is convenient to visit domestic websites

C. Up and down flexible configuration, convenient for enterprises to upload and download

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Image and text: Livecom Fanfan