Livecom signed a contract for the special satellite line project of Busuanga hydropower station in Congo (DRC)
Recently, our company and SCSC Construction Co., Ltd. signed a special satellite line communication service agreement for Busan hydropower station in Congo (Kinshasa). Livecom in this project provides the special satellite line from Congo (Kinshasa) to the group's Beijing headquarters for Zhonggang engineering construction company, which will carry the video, voice and data services between the project site and Beijing, and greatly improve the communication between the project site and the group.

The project has been started in December 2018. The project is located in Busanga, Koluwezi City, Luharaba Province, Democratic Republic of Congo. It is planned to complete and open the network to provide services in mid April 2019. The construction of the project includes the construction of satellite ground station, the opening of special line link, WiFi coverage of camp and optimization of local area network, etc. Our company will give full play to Livecom's resource advantages, actively organize the mobilization of personnel and construction equipment, adhere to strict requirements and high standards, and ensure the successful and efficient performance of the project. And further strengthen cooperation through the project, achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Brief introduction of Busanga hydropower project

Busuanga hydropower station in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is located on the Luaalba River in Luaalba Province, the southern region of DRC. Luarba river is a tributary of Ganguo river source. The dam site is located about 1.30km upstream of the outlet of luarba River Gorge. It is the last cascade of four cascade power stations planned for this gorge. The power station is about 410km away from Luben Brazil, the capital of Katanga Province, about 70km away from the city of koluwei, and about 110km away from the highway. The R610 highway from Koluwei to Busuanga passes through the left bank of the dam site area.

Busuanga hydropower station is a dam type development, with the main task of power generation and a total installed capacity of 240000 kilowatts. The proposed scheme buildings of the project hydroproject layout are composed of 140 m high concrete double curvature arch dam, 2 overflow surface holes + 2 deep holes for flood discharge and sand discharge, water cushion pond, second dam, tower type water inlet, headrace tunnel, slope type power house (with 4 sets of 60000 kW units) and operation village.

 The following figure is the effect picture of the Busuanga hydropower station in Cong: