Annual meeting | running hard in 2019, being the dreamer of livecom
We met in Chaoshan 

on January 11. Our friends from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and Xi'an continued to arrive in Chaoshan. After a long journey, first of all, we must have some delicious food to satisfy everyone! Yes, this is Chaoshan's famous "Daleng". On the 20 meter long desk, there is a dazzling array of fish rice, raw pickles, brine and other rich food!


Annual business meeting

At 9:00 a.m. on January 12, the 2019 business meeting of Livecom officially started in the conference room of Junhua Haiyi hotel in Shantou.

This meeting is different from the past. Considering that the company has added a lot of new members in 2018 and our team is growing, the company specially arranged department heads to introduce and comment on each employee, so as to further understand each other and enhance team cohesion. In this process, there are laughter and tears. Although we are distributed in offices, our hearts are closely connected.

Conference site

Introduction and comment on employees -- Business Department of government enterprise network, channel and media business department

Introduction and comments on employees - International Business Department, engineering operation and maintenance department

Introduction and comments on employees - Business Development Department, finance and contract procurement department

At the end of the meeting, Mr.Chen, executive director and Mr.Zhao, general manager of the company, made a summary and outlook. Mr. Chen mentioned two points at the meeting: first, summarize the history and evaluate the existing business model; second, conform to the trend and grasp the key success factors.

Speech by Executive Director General Chen (Jiang)

Mr. Zhao summarized the work and achievements in the past year, and analyzed some deficiencies in the project. In this severe market environment, we still overcame the storm and walked through 2018 firmly with a passion. This year, there are challenges, but more opportunities!

In addition, Mr. Zhao focused on the overall planning, business objectives and incentive policies for 2019.

General manager- Zhao Tao make a summary

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhao revealed the good news of the new contract signed by the company in recent years, which further encouraged people's hearts and morale.

Dinner party

At the dinner party of the annual meeting, the management of the company came to the stage one by one and gave sincere and passionate toasts to send blessings to the employees. All members raised their glasses and drank together to wish 2019 better!

In the lucky draw, 24 lucky little friends took out beautiful prizes such as Kindle e-book reader, mobile hard disk, and power bank. In addition, the company prepared a surprise gift for  six friends to celebrated their birthday in January. All the members presented a birthday song for them and spent such an unforgettable birthday in full of love and blessing.

Toast from management

A surprise for the partner whose birthday is in January

Dinner party (1)
dinner party (2)

Cohesion activities

On the same day of the conference, fun activities were held in the beautiful Shantou Danying ecological park,such as sitting up, idiom performance dragon, tug of war, etc. Through these interesting activities, the distance between colleagues is greatly shortened, and the cooperation and communication between teams are enhanced. Each member plays an indispensable role in the team.

Fun activities - tug of war

On January 13, everyone came to Chaozhou to visit the most ancient and well preserved Hanwen ancestral hall in memory of Han Yu, a great scholar of Tang Dynasty.The ancient city wall built in Ming Dynasty, Guangji gate tower, the main gateway of Chaozhou Fucheng, Xiangzi bridge, one of the four ancient bridges in China, and Jiadi lane, the memorial archway of Ming and Qing Dynasty rebuilt with 150 million yuan. Through the enjoy of Chaoshan intangible cultural heritage - Chao opera, chao dishes, Chao embroidery, congou, etc., we can realize the ancient city's charm of Chaozhou.

Group photo of Yanghan Pavilion

Group photo of Guangji gate tower

Group photo of Xiangzi bridge

Every year, we gather together to share the happiness of the year and look forward to the coming of the new year.

Looking back on 2018, we are passionate and heroic.Looking forward to 2019, we are full of confidence!!

The achievements of the company can not be separated from the hard work of every employee. We are all dream chasers who strive to run. We will work together for a better 2019, never forget our original intention, and continue to open a new chapter!