Livecom signs the satellite internet project of Chinese Embassy in Africa
Recently, our company signed a satellite internet communication service agreement with the Embassy of the country, marking another new breakthrough for our company to serve the users of the embassy abroad. In this project, Livecom provides up / down satellite broadband network for embassies in the country, carrying two kinds of data services of Embassy Office and life, which will greatly improve the communication experience of embassies.

The project has been started in January 2019. The remote station will be built in the embassy. It is planned to complete and open the network to provide services in February 2019. The construction of the project includes the construction of satellite ground station, the opening of satellite link, Chinese satellite TV, international traffic and local area network optimization, etc. Our company will give full play to Livecom's resource advantages, actively organize the mobilization of personnel and construction equipment, adhere to strict requirements and high standards, and ensure the successful and efficient performance of the project. And further strengthen cooperation through the project, achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

The picture shows Hong Kong Satellite Earth master station

Image and text: Livecom Xie Lei