Livecom Xinhua news agency,Madagascar branch international satellite two-way network expansion
Recently, Livecom and Xinhua news agency signed an agreement on the construction of the international two-way satellite network of Xinhua news agency, Madagascar branch. In this project, Livecom provides equipment of satellite ground station of Madagascar branch and related transportation, customs clearance and installation services for Xinhua news agency. It will carry video, voice and data services between Madagascar branch and Beijing head office, and will greatly improve the communication experience between Madagascar branch and head office.

The project has been started in December 2018. The project is located in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. It is planned to be completed in April 2019, and the network will be opened to provide services. The construction of the project includes the construction of satellite ground station. Our company will give full play to Livecom's resource advantages, actively organize the mobilization of personnel and construction equipment, adhere to strict requirements and high standards, and ensure the successful and efficient performance of the project.


Article: Livecom Guo Junbo