The CCTV Africa sub station ground station project successfully passed CCTV’s acceptance
Through “One Belt, One Road”, the beautiful Africa, the magical color, and the exotic regions, with the extensive and in-depth development of the whole area, the original distant things will gradually enter our life. CCTV is responsible for the historical mission of spreading Chinese culture and exchanging foreign cultures. The media channel for transmitting the direct transmission of the Beijing station from Africa to Kenya's Nairobi satellite has been completed, LiveCom Limited has the honor to be a participant; on June 17, 2016, director Jiang of CCTV and his delegation went to Nairobi, the capital of Kenny, to guide their work, and accepted the African sub satellite ground station of CCTV, built by LiveCom Limited which also provides operation and maintenance services, There will be the fastest way to tell the family members of China about the local conditions and customs of Africa and the story of the Chinese people who shed sweat on this land. The Livecom team introduced the project to Mr. Jiang and his party on site.

Due to the backwardness of transnational communication facilities in Africa and the lack of submarine cable special line resources, the existing resources are facing the risk of frequent interruption, which seriously affects the distribution and return of program signals of CCTV Africa branch. Livecom Limited has conducted special research in Kenya for this purpose, and made use of its global resources and service capabilities to provide CCTV with a stable and reliable satellite ground station scheme and guarantee the broadcast and program transmission of sub stations in Africa; the construction and operation and maintenance service of the African ground station is the first project of LiveCom participating in CCTV's global live broadcast. The project has been fully affirmed by director Jiang. LiveCom leaders and staff are very proud to contribute their efforts to the strategy of the whole country through their own wisdom and sweat.