Livecom get the satellite broadband network project of HBP Chad camp
In December 2018, our company signed the satellite broadband network project of Chad camp with HBP Technology Co., Ltd., which is another major project of our company in Chad oil market. 

In this project, our company provides customized satellite broadband Internet, camp information network, Chinese satellite TV, national telephone service and other services for two camps of HBP. The project is located in the no man's land of grassland, and Chad's economic foundation is backward, and the local network signal coverage is very poor, which can not meet the communication and normal work needs of the project. It is necessary to build a set of satellite broadband Internet and voice communication system, and provide necessary Chinese satellite TV entertainment services. On the one hand, it can solve the problems of office network and work communication, and improve work efficiency; on the other hand, it can provide communication channels with domestic families for employees working abroad for a long time, and at the same time, it can provide necessary leisure and entertainment activities through satellite TV, so as to relieve the long-term and high-intensity work pressure of employees.

At present, the main project of the project has been completed and put into use. The network bandwidth serves more than 500 network users in the two camps, which can meet the business requirements of network browsing, e-mail, file transmission, wechat, QQ, online video, HD video conference, etc.