Livecom won the bid for the International broadband network capacity expansion, satellite two-way network service project of Xinhua News Agency
Recently, LiveCom won the bid for the international broadband network expansion satellite two-way network service project of Xinhua news agency by virtue of its excellent scheme, rich construction experience and strong technical force. The project will provide satellite data communication services for 12 Xinhua News Agency branches and press stations in Africa and the Middle East, which is also LiveCom technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. entered the satellite communication service market of Xinhua News Agency for the first time.

The international broadband network of Xinhua news agency is an important channel for overseas journalists of Xinhua news agency in Africa and the Middle East to transmit news information. Our company plans to adopt TDMA technology to provide solid technical service and reliable guarantee for Xinhua news agency to enhance its international communication capacity, build its strategic goal of building a world-class national news agency, and further improve and expand its news information transmission service network. Finally, we will build a satellite communication platform suitable for the development of news collection and communication of Xinhua news agency.

The winning of the project is of great significance for our company to expand the overseas communication service market and business promotion of Xinhua news agency. It not only shows our company's core competitiveness, but also enhances our company's reputation in the government and media market. Before that, with its own strength and good service, our company has successively get the overseas communication service projects of CCTV, CCTV International Media Co., Ltd., Sinopec, CNOOC and other governments, enterprises and institutions. We provide efficient, reliable and economic network and communication services for each unit, and have won high praise from customers.