Livecom was awarded by Enjoy TV Malaysia
On March 1, Beijing time, Enjoy TV's new media and television platform was officially launched in Malaysia. At the launch ceremony and press conference, Livecom was honored by Enjoy TV for its excellent program transmission service. Deputy speaker of the parliament of Malaysia Datuk Mohamaslaxi and founder of Enjoy TV Datuk Yetingshao presented medals to our representatives. Mr. Wang Zhuo, CTO of Livecom channel and media department, was invited to attend the conference and delivered congratulatory speeches and important speeches on strategic cooperation.

At the ceremony were LiveCom, Goba TV, Team-ear Music, Century UU Culture and Communication Co., Ltd, CCTV Documentary Channel, NHK and other leading Chinese media enterprises and internationally renowned media. Wang Rui, Chen Yiyi, Xu Hanliang and many other famous Chinese and Malaysian artists and singers were also invited.

Datin Zhou Xueli, co-founder and CEO of Enjoy TV, delivered a speech at the ceremony, saying that Enjoy TV will adhere to the genuine operation, respond to the policies of the Malaysian national government, and cooperate with international media to fight against domestic piracy.

At present, Enjoy TV integrates more than 70 channels at home and abroad, 27 of which are China channels of CCTV international media Great Wall platform authorized by Livecom, including 8 CCTV channels and 19 provincial satellite TV international channels.

Enjoy TV is an operating company with MCMC radio and television license in Malaysia. In response to the policy of MCMC, the Ministry of communication and multimedia of Malaysia, to fight against infringement of TV box, Enjoy TV officially launched the new media TV platform. At present, Enjoy TV is the only legally authorized IPTV + Ott TV box in Malaysia that has passed MCMC SIRIM certification. Through the Enjoy S1 TV box, consumers can not only watch TV channels from all over the world, but also enjoy the built-in diversified entertainment services, including: Live TV, free on-demand movie series, shopping, the only built-in smart home system of the TV box, karaoke singing system, screen casting function, etc., which provide Malaysia with a more diversified and efficient TV platform.

In November 2018, Livecom officially became the global market agent of CCTV international media, a subsidiary of China International Television Corporation. It can directly authorize 30 channels of the Great Wall platform around the world, completing the upgrading transformation from technical service provider to content provider.