Livecom signed a global IT service cooperation framework agreement with POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED
Recently, our company and POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED completed the signing of the global IT service cooperation framework agreement, and completed the signing of the first service contract of Hong Kong Branch under the cooperation framework. In this project, not only the high-speed internal network communication service of Hong Kong branch is provided, but also the 7 * 24-hour computer room and office operation and maintenance service of Hong Kong branch is provided to solve the problem that the Hong Kong company of POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED lacks the support of IT personnel for a long time.  

The project has been started in March 2019, and completed in May 2019 and provided with overall services.

Customer profile

PowerChina Resources Limited is an important key holding subsidiary of Power Construction Corporation of China (Co., Ltd.), which was established in Beijing on July 1, 2012 with a registered capital of 5.41 billion yuan. The business scope of PowerChina Resources Limited is: franchise of mineral resources such as electric power, oil, non-ferrous metals, investment in real estate, environmental protection, important infrastructure projects, engineering technology and consulting services, import and export trade.