New American and Japanese customers of AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited content source station
Recently, NEWTV has signed up new customers of iTalkBB in the United States and OTTIJ in Japan. As a technical service provider of NEWTV, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited will provide Chinese content transmission services for two new customers.

ITalkBB is one of the most influential Chinese telecom companies in North America, and OTTIJ is a new media operator in Japan. The cooperation also means that Chinese and Chinese culture lovers living in North America and Japan will be able to receive TV channels from China. We congratulate NEWTV on winning two more important markets overseas. As the actual executor of technology, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited is also shouldering important responsibilities. In the process of program transmission, we will continue to provide stable operation and maintenance services to ensure that every overseas user can have a smooth viewing experience. It is a long-term and arduous task for Chinese culture to go out. With the growing strength of China's national power, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited has witnessed the growing rise of Chinese culture in the international market. In the future, we will also participate in the great cause of Chinese culture going out in a deeper and wider range!