Great Wall Platform Network TV enters Latin America
On August 22, Mr. Wu Xiaorong, President of Argentine Weekly / Chinese Online, visited ZTE Shanghai R & D center to attend the signing ceremony of great wall platform network TV in Argentina market. Zhao Tao, deputy general manager of AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited, entertained Wu and his party, and had friendly communication with them and signed a cooperation agreement. Since then, the Great Wall Platform Network TV has officially entered the Latin American market.

Exchange contract in signing ceremony site 

Founded on June 1, 1984, New Argentina Weekly is the earliest Chinese print media in Argentina, mainly distributed in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and other places. Argentine Chinese online is the first Chinese portal in Argentina. It was founded in April 2008. It has become the largest Chinese portal in Argentina and an important window for Chinese readers to understand Argentine politics, economy, culture and other information. According to Mr. Wu, after the transformation and sublimation from traditional print media to digital media, the company is now constantly seeking more levels of development. At this time, the Great Wall Platform Chinese network TV recommended by AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited just became their ideal cooperation project.

Argentina Weekly will use its accumulated media resources and offline partners to promote Chinese TV, and plans to introduce the popular Spanish Chinese teaching culture TV program "learn Chinese Basico from me" in Argentina in the later stage, aiming at the mainstream population in Argentina. We are looking forward to the Great Wall platform's network TV business in Argentina's market to thrive and bear fruit.

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