Livecom signed a satellite internet broadband service agreement with Chinese Medical Team
Recently, our company signed the satellite internet project contract with a Chinese medical team in aid of Africa and mobilized the resources of all departments of the company to work closely and cooperate with each other to complete the project in 20 days, so that customers can use the high-quality satellite network as scheduled and gain customers' praise. During this period, we optimize the internal network of customers and provide international telephone service and Chinese satellite TV service, etc.

Customer profile:

The Chinese Medical Team is the medical aid team sent by the government of the People's Republic of China to Africa for free.

Since 1968, Beijing has sent the first group of 36 people medical teams. In the past 50 years, it has sent 51 foreign aid medical teams  to 11 African countries and regions. with 949 personnel, 11 of whom have left their lives forever in the recipient countries.

Up to 2003, medical teams have been sent to 47 countries and regions in Africa, with more than 16000 medical personnel and 240 million people rescued. China's medical team has won high praise from the government and people of the recipient country for its superb medical skills and noble medical ethics. Hundreds of medical team members have won various honors awarded by the head of state. Over the past 40 years, the Chinese medical team for Africa has worked closely with local doctors to not only diagnose and treat a large number of common and frequently occurring diseases, but also cure many strange diseases and save the lives of many critically ill patients. The Chinese medical team has treated nearly 200 million patients in Africa, which is highly praised by the local government and people.