Global attention, leading the future
Recently, as an important guest, Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. participated in the "Symposium on global attention and leading the future of Guangdong Unicom's international MV business" organized by Guangdong Unicom International Co., Ltd., which was a complete success.

At the meeting, Mr. Chen Jiang, general manager of the company, met with Mr. Xu Qiang, deputy general manager of international business of Guangdong Unicom, and discussed the joint efforts of both sides to actively provide a package of communication solutions for Chinese funded institutions to go abroad, such as MPLS VPN, voice, OA, Mo of mobile office. The two sides will have broad space for cooperation in this field. Mr. Yang Zhengrong, COO senior expert of Livecom, made a technical keynote speech for the seminar, which was praised by guests and organizers. After the conference, many partners found Mr. Yang. Ms. Lu Shuqin, international business center of China Unicom Dongguan and other companies, said that it was difficult to have the opportunity to have this face-to-face communication with the industry experts, hoping to have the opportunity to cooperate. Some leading domestic mobile phone manufacturing companies have found them, hoping to find a complete overseas communication demand, but due to the lack of overseas experience, Unicom was unable to meet the customer demand at that time. If we had known the technical strength of Livecom before, we could provide such a scheme at that time.

At last, Mr. Xu Qiang concluded the seminar. As one of the three operators, Unicom has great advantages in the field of international MV business, hoping to provide better, better and more convenient services to customers by relying on partners such as Livecom so as to help Chinese enterprises achieve the strategy of "One Belt and One Road" and go abroad.

Leaders from China Resources Group, China Southern Airlines, CGN, TCL, GCL Poly, Country Garden, Evergrande Group and Guangdong Unicom participated in the seminar.