"Cultural empowerment, cross-border integration" -- AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited joins the cultural industry alliance of new forces -- Z
On May 11, The first new forces cultural industry forum, jointly organized by the new forces cultural industry alliance and a number of cultural industry leaders, was held in Sofitel Hotel, Sheshan, Shanghai. With the theme of "cultural empowerment and cross-border integration", the Forum gathered a number of cultural industry experts, outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders of state-owned institutions at home and abroad to discuss the mission and needs of cultural industry in the new era. At the same time, the cultural industry alliance of new forces was officially established.

At the forum, Li Yong, a partner of Chengmei capital, former general manager of Oriental media group, Zheng Bo, chairman of Hongfang culture, a well-known domestic IP business transformation group, and Zhong wuzhe, President of the famous Japanese cartoon "the giant of attack" also brought wonderful sharing to everyone.The people on the scene all applaud.

As one of the first batch of enterprises established in the alliance, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited is one of the representative enterprises in the field of culture and technology in the alliance. It has a high level of science and technology in the field of transnational communication and overseas media operation. It exports culture overseas through scientific and technological means. At present, it has a high market share in the Chinese film and television market in Africa and Southeast Asia. In the future, it will become an important export of corporate culture, such as animation games, film and television, IP operation, education, etc.

Mr. Chen Jiang, chairman of the board of directors, on behalf of  AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited, took the stage to accept the membership certificate and witnessed the establishment of the alliance with a number of enterprises. Adhering to the core values of "innovation, gathering potential and joint efforts" and the core concepts of "culture and technology, culture and consumption, culture and entertainment", we sincerely hope that the cultural industry alliance of new forces will become better and better, and work together with many outstanding entrepreneurs to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results!