Wang Xinghan: a day in Iraq
The alarm rings at 7 o'clock in the morning. After getting up, make the bed, clear the inventory and wash. 7:30, We carry our schoolbags and go to the canteen for dinner. The temperature in the morning is about 38-39 degrees. After blowing the air conditioner all night, the sun is warm after coming out. This is the most comfortable time of the day. In a few minutes, I came to the canteen. The canteen is changing every day. There are always several kinds of food. After dinner, we go to the office. It's about 8 o'clock.

8: At 00, Peng Yaojun began to inspect the monitoring system and conference room. After inspecting the monitoring system and conference room, he began to work on helpdesk for one day. Liu Ya and Li Fei confirm their preparations for going out today. Today's job is to install cameras in lagoon. This work is very important, involving safety production monitoring, which must be completed as soon as possible. We are still not clear about some information, so we will confirm it when the local international employees arrive, listen to the previous address planning of the local international employees carefully, and determine the IP address distribution of the camera. Today's cameras are installed in two locations, one on the outer wall of the sump, and the other two on the inner side, just covering the whole sump.

Colleagues collectively listen to the IP address assignment of local international employees

Today is the local weekend. There are not many things in the office, so I also go out with Liu Ya and Li Fei. At 8: 30, we tidy up the equipment and tools, put them in the pickup car and start. We were divided into two teams. Liu Ya and I went to the lagoon area of buzurgan camp to melt fiber. Li Fei first took three Iraqi employees to the outside of the camp to install cameras. If Li Fei's progress is relatively fast, he will come here to install another camera in the afternoon. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Buzurgan by car from workbase, and there are often some episodes on the road. There are carefree cattle crossing the road everywhere. Arrive at Buzurgan and get the key, and then go to the construction site. It's past 9:30.

Carefree cattle crossing the road

After arriving at the site, we put down the tools and began to check the network cabinet and power supply. There are some equipment in the cabinet and we confirm that our optical fiber box can also be put down. There is a European standard socket in the power box (the fusing machine is European standard). We started to put the fiber through the hole under the network cabinet first. The cable is very hard. It's used outdoors. There's thick wire inside. The two fibers are already sweating. We strip the outer layer of the optical fiber one by one, layer by layer until the inner layer of the optical cable. The optical cable is 8-core. For two optical cables, we only need to take out two cores of each optical cable for fusing. Two pairs of fibers can be backed up. Liu Ya has practiced fusible fiber in Shenzhen office before, but it's the first time to do so in the wild, which inevitably makes her a little strange. After the first cut of the optical fiber, it was not well protected. Fold it, and start again. After time division, the sun was just above the head. The temperature was much hotter than before. After drinking some water, I worked. Take out the outer layer and strip the thread, which is obviously more skillful than at the beginning. We fix the fiber to the light box and reserve enough length for the fiber. After all the preparatory work is completed, the fiber is melted.

Check network cabinet and power supply

Find the first blue fiber, remove the coating, and use the cutter to cut the fiber end. Then clean with alcohol cotton. The cleaned fiber is fixed to the left side of the fuser. Take out a yellow pigtail and do the same. Open fusible fiber and success instantly, loss below 0.02. Put the melted fiber sleeve on the sleeve and then heat melt it to fix the fiber sleeve. The second fiber and the third fiber are all going well. According to this progress, it can be finished at 12 o'clock. But the fourth fiber melted two or three times, and the loss was too large, so it had to be cut and remelted. The temperature outside at noon is like a fire. The heat wave is accompanied by slight dust. The fourth fiber melted very badly, either it lost too much, or it was stained with dust before it melted. The fiber was used from 12:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon, and finally melted, and it was successful. We carefully put the optical fiber disk in the optical fiber box, cover it, and then put it in the network cabinet.

Fiber melting in the construction site with temperature like fire baking

After cleaning up the fiber melting machine and tools, I walked out of the construction site and unconsciously baked for several hours under the high temperature of 40-50 ℃. Contact with Li Fei about the progress. Li Fei feedback that it will take more than 1 hour to complete. Let the car pick us up first and meet with Li Fei's team. Arrived at the scene, they have completed the camera fixed installation. The camera is installed in a cable tower, which is 20 meters high. Today's installation is a large camera, which requires two people to fix it on the top of a 20 meter tower. Li Fei and Iraqi network engineers pay close attention to the safety of the above personnel at all times under the tower and strive to do well at one time to avoid rework. After fixing the camera, start from top to bottom, and then pull it to the machine room.

Completion of fusing fiber and walking out of the construction site

The work under the tower is relatively easy. We don't need to be so nervous or so many people. Liu Ya and Li Fei switch to power and network configuration. During this period, it's hard for you to have a rest. The driver is a 50 year old Iraqis, very talkative, often joking with the boys, adjusting the tense working atmosphere. After more than an hour of debugging, we have finally completed the preparation of the network and power supply. Turn on the camera switch, and the lagoon area is clearly displayed in the screen.

Take a picture with the driver

After finishing the equipment, we return to workbase. After returning to the office, we register the newly added camera to the NVR server, and fine tune the angle through the NVR.

After a busy day, we sorted out today's work and fed it back to the Iraqi project leader. As night fell, the happy and fulfilling day ended.

The happy and fulfilling day ends.