Take root in the country of snow mountains and make great achievements———Bohr Shangma Xiangdi project
"The signal has been received and can be connected to the communication!" with the report of the executive staff, the temporary camp in Kathmandu and the Beijing Office of the POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED applauded at the same time. So far, thanks to the hard work of the project executors, the Shangma Xiangdi project has finally maked achievement.

Dam of hydropower station


Water power plant

Looking back on the implementation process of the project, the executors still remember the situation when entering the site. On November 13, 2019, I started to go to Nepal from Handan. After a day's flight, I finally arrived at Kathmandu, Nepal, the destination of this flight, with the snow mountain in the window. There are abundant water resources and mountains and forests everywhere, but the long-term economic backwardness makes Nepal rely heavily on foreign aid, and the infrastructure development lags behind.

Starting from Kathmandu to the Northwest for about 200km, passing through several villages and towns, passing through a large mountain, after 8 hours of bumpy mountain road, we finally saw the shangmasondi a hydropower station towering on the masondi river. One day's fatigue are gone.

A Camp of Shangma Xiangdi Hydropower Station

With the call of birds and animals in the early morning, I began to get up and prepare for the work of the new day. In the camp of Shangma hydropower station, the snow mountain of Himalayas is clear (although it's not Everest, it is also very spectacular).


Nepal's network facilities are backward, and the speed and stability of network access are far lower than that of China. At present, A Shangma Xiangdi hydropower station has only external network, and the staff of the hydropower station urgently need to have business access, system release, video echo, video conference and other functions with Beijing POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED. Under this network condition, it is impossible to achieve these functions, which seriously affects the work efficiency and management level of the hydropower station. In this case, based on our professional technical ability and advanced technical level, POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED hired our company to carry out network rectification for A Shangma Xiangdi hydropower station, so as to realize the problem that overseas personnel cannot access the resources of the headquarters.

After receiving the invitation from POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED, our company, based on the principle of customer first, attaches great importance to this work, establishes a project team covering business, technology, management and other disciplines, patiently understands the needs of customers, and puts forward targeted solutions. After nearly a month's communication, exchange and cooperation with customers' relevant personnel, our company completed the construction of two special lines and the test of each business system on December 3, 2019, and carried out new sorting and optimization of customers' networks, and carried out training exchanges with customers on the use, maintenance and troubleshooting of special lines.


Before finishing


After finishing

Training exchange

Since then, Nepal Shangma Xiangdi project has been successfully completed. In the process of project implementation, although we encounter various difficulties, our professional attitude and excellent technology enable us to overcome difficulties and setbacks in the process and finally complete the task successfully.

As for the successful delivery of this project, we not only won the recognition of customers in the project. Our staff professional psychiatry and strong technical ability is to win the admiration and praise of customers.

(picture and text: Hu Tianwen)