Good news! Livecom wins the bid for CNOOC network construction and operation and maintenance service project -- Hu Tiantian
Near the end of the year, with the help of rich experience in overseas project implementation, strong technical strength, and good customer service attitude, our company stands out from many competitors. We have won the bid for projects such as network security reinforcement of overseas regional center and technical support of overseas regional support center of China National Offshore Oil Group Co., Ltd. in a row, which is helpful for the construction of our overseas projects Service ability has added a lot. 

CNOOC is a large state-owned enterprise directly under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China. In recent years, with the vigorous development of its overseas business market and the increasing number of overseas projects, the informatization level of its overseas network construction, communication, operation and maintenance and technical support has been continuously improved. 

Our company has a deep understanding of the pain points and difficulties of going out of the central and state-owned enterprises, and customized overseas communication and network services suitable for the business characteristics of the Chinese enterprises going out. According to the situation of CNOOC overseas, we customized a detailed network construction and service plan, which is in line with the actual needs of CNOOC overseas. After comprehensive comparison, CNOOC finally chose Livecom as its main overseas foreign network construction and service providers, comprehensively provides the construction and operation and maintenance services of Wan, LAN and data center for its overseas units. 

In September 2019, our company successfully won the bid for the network reinforcement project of overseas regional center. In the project, considering that the current overseas regional security protection of CNOOC is relatively weak, it only has the basic protection ability, and lacks the protection mechanisms such as intrusion detection and security audit. According to the requirements of network security level protection 3.0, combined with the network characteristics of each overseas area, our company has carried out security reinforcement and construction, divided the security boundary, added security equipment, realized intrusion detection, anti-attack and security control, and through risk identification and configuration verification of network equipment and system, greatly reduced security analysis, and realized centralized and refined operation and maintenance of operation control and audit. 

In October 2019, our company won the bid for technical support project of overseas regional support center. To provide technical support services for overseas regional support center of CNOOC, our company undertakes to provide on-site services for the front users, timely feedback the needs of the front users, assist the group company in formulating the construction plan that suits the actual situation, assist in supporting the IT construction plan of the front users, and effectively support the expansion of overseas business of CNOOC.

What we can see is the fruitful harvest, and what we can't see is the hard work. First of all, we need to thank CNOOC for its recognition of us. Without the recognition of customers, there will be no such achievement. At the same time, we also want to thank our whole project technical team for their hard work day and night, listening to customers' opinions, constantly modifying technical solutions, communicating and reporting with customers.

In order to submit a satisfactory result and live up to our customers' recognition and expectation, every success is an accumulation of experience and an improvement of service ability. With the continuous accumulation of resources, experience, talents and overseas network platform, Livecom can provide more mature international communication services to customers who go out, so that all "go global" and "one way" customers can reduce the repeated international exploration process and unnecessary investment to help customers better move towards the international market.