The first-class hydropower station of the second phase of the Nan Ou in Laos
On December 13, 2019, the first unit of Nan Ou Hydropower Station I was successfully connected to the grid. This is the first unit of Nan Ou phase II project to be connected to the grid for power generation, which is of great significance for promoting the integration of the South Europe river basin. Previously, in order to celebrate the success of the grid connection, Nan Ou first-class hydropower station decided to hold a power generation celebration, and invited the vice premier of Laos, chairman of POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED, general manager of Nan Ou power Co. Ltd., relevant leaders and media reporters to attend.

In order to ensure the success of the power generation celebration, in early November, the POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED Information Center invited our company as a technical expert to Laos to support the construction of the second phase of the Nan Ou project.

After receiving the invitation, the company attached great importance to this cooperation. After the department meeting and discussion, Fan Xiaopeng and I, who had more experience and technology was recognized by customers for many times, decided to go to Laos for professional technical supervision and guidance on the installation, commissioning and construction of communication system in the early stage of power generation and grid connection of the first unit of Nan Ou phase II Hydropower Station .

On the morning of November 14, I left the capital airport together with POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED information center customers, arrived in Kunming at noon, transferred to meet with Fan Xiaopeng, a colleague from Xi'an, and the three of us arrived in Luang Prabang, Laos at 4 p.m.

After arriving at Frank Darabont transportation and management center, we had a preliminary communication with the leaders of Nan Ou power generation company and learned that the task of this trip is arduous and should not be underestimated. In the morning of the next day, we accompanied the leaders of the power generation company to the first level hydropower station of the second phase of the Nan Ou for more information.

General appearance of Primary Hydropower Station

After several days of on-site supervision and engineering exploration, on-site meeting summarized the implementation progress of each business system of Nan Ou class I Hydropower Station, mainly including three types of work: network line, equipment installation and system commissioning:
  • At present, the OPGW optical fiber fusion work has been basically completed. The next step is to test the lines from the primary power station to two substations to ensure the smooth network lines. Supervise and urge the satellite link manufacturer to install the signal receiving equipment, and configure and commission the emergency standby network line.
  • The equipment installation work is in progress. In the next step, the engineering construction team needs to speed up the equipment mounting and installation progress according to the work needs, and each manufacturer and power generation company need to conduct guidance and decision-making work. For example, the industrial monitoring camera needs to be used for location confirmation, installation and commissioning during the celebration.
  • The internal debugging of each system has been started. In the next step, the manufacturers need to cooperate with each other to speed up the joint debugging and testing of their own equipment in the station and with the central control center.

Camp of Primary Hydropower Station

After about a week of on-site construction, the OPGW optical cable docking work at π joint is finally completed, with the optical fiber communication work of the first level hydropower station arriving at two substations (Bamoun station and Shane station) respectively.
π junction of power grid outside primary station

The optical cable extension work in the two stations started at 8 a.m. .We started with the personnel of the power generation company from the first level camp, after more than 50 kilometers of winding and rugged mountain road to the substation, and then started a series of optical cable laying, optical cable fusion, line sequence test at both ends (from the first level station to Bamoun), optical fiber attenuation test, etc. from the last one hundred meters from the first floor to the second floor. By 12 o'clock in the evening, our work was finally finished. This day was always under high-voltage condition. Although we were tired, we were very happy because we got through the business communication from the first level hydropower station to the two substations and then to the transportation and management center of Laban. At the same time, we also got through the optical fiber link between the communication protection equipment from the first level station to the two substations.   

Laos No.13 Road (to Bamoun substation)
Bamoun substation
After the opening of the communication link, the preparations for the celebration can finally be started. In order to meet the task of the celebration day, we specially added video conference equipment at the first level station and on both sides of the Laban transport and management center. Through the previously completed communication link, the video conference equipment was built and tested, with good test results, and the installation of 4-way video monitoring equipment on site was urged. After several days of installation and debugging by the construction team, the video monitoring signal on site was finally sent to the Laban transportation management center; then we started the multi screen cutting debugging and cutting of video conference and video monitoring large screen for the drill, we finally completed the video conference interaction on the day of power generation celebration for the first unit and the monitoring image of the scene of cheering.  

Effect test of video conference at both ends
Interactive test of video conference and display of video monitoring picture on large screen

From November 14 to December 7, after more than 20 days of hard work, we overcame all kinds of difficulties, and finally completed the professional technical supervision and coordination task of the communication system of the first-class hydropower station. At the same time, we also completed the commissioning and coordination work for the preparation of the celebration before power generation, including the interaction of video conference, the return of on-site video monitoring screen and the display of large screen and multi-screen, etc. to draw a picture for this task A full stop.

For this support, POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED information center and Laos Nan Ou power generation company sent a letter of praise to our company, praising Fan Xiaopeng and me for their professional skills and professionalism. At the same time, the senior management of Nan Ou power generation company also spoke highly of the cooperation: the professional technicians of Livecom provided professional technical supervision for the optical fiber communication work in the early stage of the unit grid connected power generation in the first level hydropower station project of Nan Ou, which provided strong guarantee for the first unit to be successful in grid connected power generation; meanwhile, they completed the visit of the first level hydropower station site to Laban transportation and management center’s debugging and drilling of frequency monitoring and video conference gave strong support to the upcoming power generation celebration at the end of December.

I believe that this cooperation will start our cooperation in the power construction and investment project!

(picture and text: Zhao can)