Unforgettable trip to Chad in 2019
Chad, located in the north central part of Africa, is named after Lake Chad, with a land area of 1284000 square kilometers. It is the 21st largest country in the world. It is divided into three main geographical areas: Desert Area in the north, which belongs to tropical desert climate; arid Sahel area in the middle, which belongs to tropical grassland climate; fertile Sudan grassland area in the south, which belongs to tropical rainforest climate. We set foot on this land for the first time from November 18 to December 22, 2019, because of business. We came into close contact with this economically backward and poor country. However, PetroChina, in such a poor country, has created a miracle here.

(Chad refinery, carrying nearly ten million tons of PetroChina's oil output)

The capital of N'Djamena in the dry season, as we have lived in the wet magic capital of Shanghai for a long time, our noses are always clotted into pieces of blood. Of course, the biggest natural enemy here is the quietly flying mosquitoes all over the corner. These mosquitoes carry a highly toxic Plasmodium parasite and spread the net all over the place. This is the legendary Malay fever of falciparum malaria. Once the virus is infected, it is a very serious infectious disease, even life-threatening.

(a local child is infected with malaria, with a temperature of 40 ℃)

The 43 day trip is like a high-speed railway whistling by. With a lot of anxieties and anxieties about the country, I started my work for more than a month. What flashed in my mind is a memorable moment:

The smallest plane is like a car flying in the sky: this time, through the arrangement of partners, we are lucky to embark on the smallest plane in our lives to go to the project camp in southern Chad. There are two flights a week, on Monday and Thursday, the passengers are basically Chinese workers who go to and go back. The plane can seat up to 12 people. More than the luggage weight limit, there are also body weight limits.

The most difficult satellite station to adjust: we are lucky to switch the satellite to the on-site satellite ground station this time. As the relevant equipment is locked by the original supplier, we have wasted a lot of time. Of course, this has accumulated rich experience for our later work, which is very valuable and worth collecting.

The most difficult road to find: in order to deeply explore the market, we drove a hundred kilometers from the capital, N'Djamena, to the oil refinery, where we felt the real African grassland, surrounded by boundless, except for the short grass, only oursleves and few traffic. It took us three hours to find a path to the destination.

The most enthusiastic customer: I have the honor to visit a large engineering team of CNPC, which specializes in upstream drilling services. The enthusiastic customer entertained us and shared the basic configuration and workflow of a site with us proudly. There are so many procedures of a drilling;

The safest container house: during this trip, in the front camp, warm customers arranged a relatively safe iron box room for us in local, and we felt that the workers in the system were not easy to live in normal times.

The most unreliable Camry: our meticulous care partner arranged a Toyota Camry for us to escort us to visit our customers. However, due to the long service life, this Toyota is very good, and it has something wrong. I feel like it's being repaired every day. Fortunately, we have professional automobile maintenance experts to ensure that our work is not delayed

The worst instant noodles: at the beginning of arriving in Chad, I don't know where there is a restaurant suitable for our eating habits. I eat the expensive local instant noodles every day, either salted or powdered. Fortunately, we hold on for a few days and find the treasure land to solve our difficulties.

The most touching moment: of course, far away in a foreign country, just in time for your birthday, friends who know you in the local place know my homesick. They specially prepared a rich birthday party on your birthday night, and invited many local partners. That kind of happiness is unspeakable, anyway, the picture is very beautiful!

This trip to Chad is not only hard but also sweet. Of course, we have gained a lot. We not only work, but also know how to cherish the beautiful moments of life. Every journey has unforgettable scenery, and we will grow stronger and stronger in the drift.

(image: Wayne)