Xinhua News Agency International broadband network satellite two-way network service project successfully accepted
Recently, the international broadband network expansion satellite two-way network project undertaken by our company for Xinhua news agency has successfully checked and accepted by Xinhua news agency and put into formal use. The project provides satellite data communication services for Xinhua News Agency's branches and press stations in 11 countries located in areas with poor basic communication conditions, such as Africa and the Middle East. In this project, an iDirect HUB master station system will be built at the satellite ground station of Beijing Xinhua news agency. Through the Asia Pacific 7 satellite, a star shaped international broadband network will be formed with branches or press stations in Africa, the Middle East and Hong Kong. TDMA technology will be adopted in the scheme to provide solid technical service and reliable guarantee for Xinhua news agency to enhance its international communication capacity and build a world-class modern national news agency. We will improve and expand the network of news and information transmission services.

Picture satellite communication network topology of Xinhua News Agency

In the process of project implementation, the engineering team has overcome many difficulties, such as short construction period, difficult transformation of main station, difficulties in wide implementation and coordination of small station coverage area, successfully and efficiently completed all construction tasks, won the praise of client construction units and users, and recognized the technical strength and Engineering capacity of our company. The successful implementation of the project not only shows the core competitiveness of our company, but also enhances our company's reputation in the government and media market.

Photo satellite antenna of remote station of a branch of Xinhua news agency in Africa

Picture on site training