CNOOC Iraq ICT operation and maintenance project won praise from customers
CNOOC Iraq is located in Missan Province in the south and is affiliated with Missan Oilfield Company. The project includes three oilfield areas, nine degassing stations, and a central oil and gas station. At the same time, new natural gas processing plants, power plants, water plants, deacidification plants and pipelines are being upgraded, with a total area of 563Km².

Workbase Office 

Panorama of terminal plant

The ICT operation and maintenance service of CNOOC Iraq is under the responsibility of the Livecom team. The entire camp carries oilfield control network, communication network, CCTV system, Motorola intercom system, IPTV and other systems.

group photo

In January 2020, a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic broke out and broke out in China,At this time, Livecom's ICT operation and maintenance team was still struggling on the scene in Iraq. The severe situation of the domestic epidemic caused them to lose a lot of ordinary laughter and laughter. Instead, they were worried about the major epidemic and worried about their families and friends. Immediately the domestic epidemic was controlled, but then the epidemic began to spread abroad. Confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia appeared in Iraq, which is undoubtedly a huge test and risk for teams that often need to work outside. Under the request, zero failure of the IT system in the camp area will be achieved to ensure the normal operation of all systems.

The Livecom ICT operation and maintenance team has carried forward the spirit of hard work, selflessness and daring to bear, and really put the needs of customers in the first place! Looking back at the whole process, we did not reject the customer in the face of difficulties, but worked together with the customer to find a way, think of countermeasures, seek solutions to problems, and mobilize all resources of the company. Through careful planning, detailed breakdown of tasks, and the full collaboration of each engineer on the site and the morale of the entire team, the completion of the on-site tasks is guaranteed.

"I can't do it, I just can't think of it." Liang Jixiang, Li Fei, Liu Yuhang, and Peng Yaojun, the on-site operation and maintenance service team, thought about what the customer wanted, worried about what the customer wanted, and went all out. Highly appraised and recognized.