Enhance Technical Skills And Build Team Spirit —Record of  Satellite Practical Operation Traning in Nan’ao, Shenzhen

In order to improve the staff's practical ability of satellite technology, our company carried out a training of 18 days for colleagues of engineering operation and maintenance department and business department from June 19 to July 10, 2020. This training provided the equipment, instruments and tools required for satellite installation and debugging, so that trainees can study the whole process from base installation to satellite network access. The training took a long time and involved a lot. The leader’s high attention to the training and the students' positive learning attitude made the training a complete success.

The site of the satellite technology practical ability training is in the beautiful south bank of the Dapeng New District, Shenzhen. 33 colleagues were divided into 4 batches and were trained in different time. Sun Jinjun, our colleague who has rich practical experience in oversea project, had taught the trainees the whole construction process of building the base, assembling the Satellite, searching for satellite with spectrometer, aiming the satellite, accessing the network, and disassembling and restoring the satellite.

During this skill training, trainees were active and serious in attitude and studied hard. This training has greatly enhanced the collaboration and tacit understanding between employees in different department, and the cohesion and centripetal force of the team achieved a leap.

afterwards interview, trainees said that they have learned a lot through this training. By touching the satellite and field operation, Their understanding of satellite technology has become far more than impression in theory, and their skills has improved greatly. And the training focus on "concerted efforts on the same goal ", and let everyone have a profound experience. "successful access to network " instantly increase their sense of achievement. 

In the learning process, even though the cloth has long been soaked in sweats, we are still facing the scorching sun. "Sharp Blades comes from sharpening, the fragrance of plum blossom comes from bitter cold" is the experience of practical training, "thousands of grinding and ten thousand attacks won’t destroy us ,East, West, North and south wind won’t let us fall " is the result of practical training.

The 18 working days training not only enhanced the practical skills of our employees, but also honed the will of the trainees to a certain extent under the hot sun training environment simulating the "African environment", and cultivated the excellent quality of the employees to plan well in advance and face the sudden difficulties without fear. The trainees said that the practical training can quickly improve personal professional skills, and the future work will be more handy. They hope that the company can often hold similar practical training courses in the future.