LiveCom’s self-developed multilingual subtitle translation platform has been put into use

In order to better serve the cultural exchanges of the countries covered by the Belt and Road Initiative and promote the dissemination of film and television dramas between countries, LiveCom has independently developed the original video subtitle extraction and multilingual subtitle translation platform based on the actual situation in the industry. After nearly 2 years of the research and improvement, will be officially released in the near future.

So far, LiveCom has cooperated with domestic mainstream content providers and operators in various countries to extract Chinese subtitles through the platform and translate them into Indonesian for more than 200,000 minutes, English for more than 300,000 minutes, and Khmer for more than 100,000 minutes. Recognized and praised by content providers and final subscribers.

The platform's subtitle extraction function, through OCR technology based on artificial intelligence image recognition, can automatically extract Chinese and English film and television drama subtitles. It supports various mainstream video file formats, supports direct recognition of Baidu network disk, and the recognition accuracy rate is as high as above 99.9%.

The platform is still adding new languages and translations amount. In addition to English, Indonesian, and Khmer translation, translation services in more than a dozen languages including French, German, Japanese, Korean, Lao, and Vietnamese are added.