LiveCom Receives Letter of Commendation from POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED and its Bengkulu Project

In February 2020, LiveCom successfully won the bid for the Bengkulu coal-fired power station network construction Indonesia project of POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED. It is mainly responsible for the system engineering construction of corporate communications, LAN wireless coverage, multimedia conference rooms and system engineering construction such as security solutions. The service cycle for 1 year.

In the context of the global epidemic in 2020. POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED still chooses LiveCom as the project contractor, which shows its recognition and trust in LiveCom. It is true that LiveCom bears its burden. After overcoming various difficulties, it was delivered smoothly in late August after overcoming various difficulties, and the task was successfully completed.

The successful delivery of this project not only demonstrates the corporate culture of “Scientific innovation, advancement with the times, service-oriented, excellence, focus on customers, sharing weal and woe, honesty and trustworthiness, and access to the world”, but also been highly recognized by customers. To this end, POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED and POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED Bengkulu Power Plant sent letters of commendation to show their recognition of this cooperation.


In fact, this is not the first time that POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED has selected LiveCom as the contractor. As early as March 2019, POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED signed a global IT service cooperation framework agreement with LiveCom; at the end of March 2020, it signed the cooperation on special line and wireless coverage project of POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED Bangladesh Power Plant Park.

We believe that LiveCom’s corporate culture and responsible professional attitude will gain more and more customer recognition and bring more project opportunities.