LIVECOM successfully wins the bid of a new camp network system integration project for a mining company in Africa

In the golden autumn season, when the epidemic is prevalent around the world, LiveCom has made great achievements and got a lot good news. LiveCom’s Thousand Island Oilfield satellite communication platform was successfully opened. POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED  Bengkulu Project received a letter of praise from customers, and CNOOC’s overseas equipment procurement and implementation projects successfully won the bid....... On September 21st, after receiving a number of good news, LiveCom successfully won the bid for a network system integration service project for a mining company in Africa. LiveCom provides the mining company with network access to a new campsite in Africa , integration and construction services of wireless coverage, voice system and IPTV TV network.

Faced with the complicated international market environment of the epidemic, LiveCom actively explores business ideas and methods. On the one hand, it strengthens standardization construction, improves management level, creates high-quality projects. It establishes a good corporate image and reputation, and provides a strong backing for business contracting. On the one hand, tailor-made proposals lay a good foundation for the company's sustainable and healthy development.

The successful bid for this project is undoubtedly another affirmation of the company's comprehensive strength, technical level and company team cohesion.

Achievement is a milestone on the way forward. Today’s success is yesterday’s sweat irrigation... In the future, we need to redouble our efforts to adapt to the ever-changing market environment and achieve the ambitious goal. We are going all out to contribute to the development of the the Belt and Road Initiative strategy!