Annual inventory | 2016 we passed together
Time flies, and 2016 is near the end. Looking back on the past year, I can't help feeling

2016 is a year to remember.

  • In this year, we built a Hong Kong data center with its own independent computer room and POPs;
  • In this year, our OTT business entered the European market and became another attempt after DTH in Africa;
  • In this year, we have provided international satellite communication services for Xinhua news agency and contributed a little to the voice of China's going out;
  • In this year, our business has entered the high-end application of Fuyao Glass and made a bold attempt in the IT field;
  • In this year, we have traveled all over Asia, Europe, Africa and South America……Leave our fighting in the worl
In the whole year, we have shed too much sweat and gained heavy harvest. In the whole year, we have experienced the changes of market environment, the decline of traditional business such as voice, the decline of international oil price, the difficulties of customers, etc., which have brought us severe challenges!!! But in the end, we still have the pride from the heart: the road is really like iron, and now we step forward from the beginning

Now, let's review 2016 we passed together

On January 14, all colleagues of the company gathered at Shangri La Hotel in Fuzhou to hold an annual working meeting. At the meeting, we summarized the overall achievements in 2015, and made clear the work objectives of 2016 and the future development direction and measures.

After the meeting, all the staff held a company party, some singing, some dancing, some playing skits, some playing guitar... At the party, everyone was dancing and laughing, which not only deepened the understanding between colleagues, but also enhanced the feelings between each other.

At the beginning of February, the construction phase of Hong Kong data center computer room was officially launched. ZTE micro module was used in the construction of the project, with a design power density of up to 6KVA and 10 cabinets. The construction of the project marks that Livecom will have its own independent computer room and POPs in Hong Kong, and also marks that the company's business has entered a new stage.

Micro module room
Monitoring video wall

On March 24, Livecom Limited completed the equity change, and new investors brought more capital market opportunities. Save energy for the later development of the enterprise.

As the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution. Only a good body can complete the work well. No, in the face of busy and tense work, we have not forgotten to take a break from our busy schedule and take part in the 16th Shenzhen 100km hike, an outdoor activity held in March in Shenzhen. It is said that nearly 80000 people took part in this activity, including our Livecom. Although it's an outdoor activity, it's also a display of indomitable spirit.

In April, the company's TDMA Asia Pacific platform project was officially launched, which is the expansion and extension of the company in Asia based on its successful operation in Africa. At the same time, the construction of VPN platform has entered a critical period, which aims to provide more economic and convenient management means for cross-border enterprises. The successful deployment of VPN platform is the key factor for the company's business interoperability.

On May 3, Livecom comprehensively transformed the existing European platform, expanded and upgraded the existing lines, and deployed the cloud platform. After the transformation, Livecom has the ability to provide IAAs, PAAS and SAAS services.

Paris data room

On May 12, Yan Liqiang, President of Henan Film and Television Group, and Chen Jiang, general manager of AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited. (a subsidiary of Livecom), signed the agreement on cooperation between Henan Film and AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited on overseas Chinese TV communication project at the Westin banquet hall in Shenzhen. After the signing of the agreement, Zhu Xiayan, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Henan provincial Party committee and director of Henan press, publication, radio and Television Bureau, Yan Liqiang, President of Henan film and television group, Liu Xiaofeng, vice president, Li Ying, chairman and general manager of Henan Airport Satellite TV, Meng Biao, vice president of ZTE Co., Ltd., Chen Jiang, general manager of AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited. (Livecom subsidiary), held talks In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, leaders of the Communist Party of China discussed friendship and looked forward to a good prospect for cooperation. They also exchanged in-depth views and reached a consensus on how to promote the existing overseas Chinese TV cooperation projects and further strengthen future cooperation.

On June 17, Mr. Jiang, head of China Central Television, personally went to Africa to check and accept CCTV Africa satellite ground station built by Livecom and providing operation and maintenance services. The results of the check and acceptance were fully affirmed by Mr. Jiang. The construction of the African sub station is the first project that Livecom participated in CCTV's global live broadcast. The success of the acceptance not only shows that Livecom has withstood the test of high-end customers, but also reflects the comprehensive ability of network operation and maintenance and remote monitoring of Livecom, once again establishing a strong brand influence in Africa.

General manager Jiang and general manager Chen at CCTV Kenya Africa sub station

In July, after a year of trial operation, the Great Wall platform OTT system jointly built by Livecom and CCTV international media was officially launched and put into operation overseas. After the Great Wall platform OTT is put into operation, it will provide users in Europe and the Asia Pacific region with rich Internet TV services such as standard definition, HD live broadcast and on-demand. During the one-year trial operation, the Great Wall platform OTT system has won unanimous praise from the audience. The official launch of OTT is another attempt after DTH (satellite TV). The company will also promote the development of TV business overseas through the Internet.

In the same month, LiveCom successfully won the bid for the international broadband network expansion satellite two-way network service project of Xinhua news agency with its excellent scheme, rich construction experience and strong technical force. The project will provide satellite data communication services for 12 Xinhua News Agency branches and press stations in Africa and the Middle East, which is also the first time that LiveCom has entered the satellite communication service market of Xinhua news agency.

The winning of the project is of great significance for our company to expand the overseas communication service market and business promotion of Xinhua news agency. It not only shows our core competitiveness, but also enhances our brand influence in the government and media market. Previously, our company has won the overseas communication service projects of CCTV, CCTV International Media Co., Ltd., Sinopec, CNOOC and other governments, enterprises and institutions by virtue of its own strength and good services, providing efficient, reliable and economic network and communication services for all units, and won high praise from customers.

In August, Zhao Tao, deputy general manager of our company, accompanied the delegation of Shanghai Lingang government to visit Israel and the United Kingdom successively, opened the exploration of overseas new project opportunities and business models, and opened a new territory for the company in Lingang New Area -- Yuanzhi information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. by using government resources. " Yuanzhi information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. "and" AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited "together become another subsidiary of Livecom. They will join the battle sequence together with other companies to play a role in our business development.

In August, the company conducted in-depth cooperation with ZTE cloud T. We hope to use the R & D and technical support of the parent company, combined with our existing advantages in some overseas POPs, networks and overseas resources, to open up a new market for enterprise services. After that, whether laaS resources are allocated on demand or SaaS business installation, our company can provide enterprises with rapid deployment and rapid delivery services.

In addition, in August, the enterprise IT consulting and service team of Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. participated in the bidding for the supplier relationship (SRM) system project of Fuyao Group. With the excellent performance and leading project plan of the team, it defeated the strong competitors at home and abroad, and was highly recognized by customers. It won the bid and successfully completed the project signing. The project is a key project for Fuyao Group to achieve the goal of "strategic transformation, supply chain improvement", and also an important part of Fuyao Group's efforts to promote the intelligent manufacturing process.

The successful signing of this project is another breakthrough of our company in the field of enterprise information construction. It is another landmark case of our company's transformation and involvement in enterprise IT service business since 2010, which is based on building ICT full-service solution provider, providing ICT business consultation and planning, enterprise application system implementation and operation, cloud computing and new generation integration of it business for large cross-border enterprises Case.

In September, the company participated in the Beijing International Radio, film and television equipment exhibition. Through the exchange and interaction with customers, our company learned and shared the latest developments in the field of communication and IT; at the same time, we had in-depth exchanges with China Unicom, China Mobile Hong Kong company, etc. to explore overseas business development.

On September 9, the company participated in the 2016 IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At the exhibition, Livecom, together with CCTV international and ZTE, jointly demonstrated the business of Great Wall Platform OTT, ATV Africa DTH, media distribution platform and other related companies. During the whole exhibition, many customers visited, and customers from Russia's cable operators, UK's content distributors, the Middle East's OTT operators and other countries expressed strong interest and willingness to cooperate with Chinese TV content.   

In the same month, as an important guest, Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. participated in the "global attention, leading the future - Guangdong Unicom International MV business Symposium" organized by Guangdong Unicom International Co., Ltd. At the meeting, Mr. Chen Jiang, general manager of the company, met with Mr. Xu Qiang, deputy general manager of international business of Guangdong Unicom, and discussed the joint efforts of the two sides to actively provide a package of communication solutions for Chinese funded institutions to go abroad. The two sides believed that there would be extensive cooperation space in MPLS VPN, voice, OA, Mo and other fields. At the seminar, Mr. Yang Zhengrong, the COO senior expert of Livecom, made a technical presentation and won the praise of the guests and the organizers.

In the same month, Livecom Hong Kong computer room was completed and delivered for use.

On October 20, under the guidance of the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television, CCTV news center and China International Television Corporation, the sixth "Global Video Media Forum (VMF2016)" hosted by CCTV International Video Communication Co., Ltd. (CCTV +) was held in Suzhou. More than 300 representatives of media and related institutions from 36 countries and regions attended the conference. Focusing on the theme of "Changing the world's video", they discussed topics such as content production and communication innovation concept, content production cloud platform, technological innovation and new video forms, and the impact of capital on the media industry in the new video ecology. During the forum, CCTV + and Xingyun Vertical and Horizontal Co., Ltd. jointly released the news big data cloud platform. In addition, CCTV's international vision think tank was officially unveiled, and experts from think tanks will provide strategic guidance and professional support for how to better "tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese voice". Livecom, as a strategic partner of international vision, especially sponsored and supported the conference and participated in its discussions.

In the era of global video media revolution, only by improving our technology and service level can we better serve our customers.

In November, the company completed the delivery of Uganda satellite project. Uganda project is the largest single project in the whole year. The project is complex and difficult to deliver. The timely completion of this delivery has not only won the trust of customers, but also once again reflected the comprehensive ability of the company's network and operation and maintenance.

In December, the two-way satellite network expansion project of international broadband network contracted by the company for Xinhua news agency was successfully accepted by Xinhua news agency and put into formal use. The project provides satellite data communication services for Xinhua News Agency's branches and press stations in 11 countries located in areas with poor basic communication conditions, such as Africa and the Middle East. This project will be built in Beijing Xinhua News Agency satellite ground station The hub main station system, through the Asia Pacific 7 satellite and Africa & Middle East and Hong Kong branch or reporter stations, forms a star shaped international broadband network. The scheme adopts TDMA technology, which provides solid technical service and reliable guarantee for Xinhua news agency to enhance its international communication capacity, build a world-class international modern national news agency's strategic goal, and further improve and expand the news information transmission service network.

The successful implementation of the project not only means that we have knocked on the door of Xinhua news agency, but also set a benchmark for the company in the industry, which indicates that the strength of our company has been recognized by high-end customers again, and also enhances our reputation in the government and media market.


In 2016, there are many projects worth mentioning and too many comrades worth mentioning. Due to the space limitation, only a few examples are taken here as representatives to show the past time and show our style. These styles belong to the company and even to every employee of the company.

2016 has passed in a hurry, it seems that we can't afford much time to stay, because the pace of 2017 is approaching, just a brief review of this article....